Psychedelic Love

psychedelic love
entheogenic ecstasy
el-ess-dee, set me free
I’ve got a song in my heart, a rhythm in my feet, and a joyful rebellion I’m taking to the streets
I rise to the forefront of the psychedelic revolution
the archaic revival
our hope for survival
to once more align ourselves with the wise one’s who’ve watch over this earth since before the age of man
the plant teachers
our fungi alliance
our door to the land of spirit
into the mind Gaia
Where we are all one
join me under the sun, the sol
smoke this sweet leaf and bear your soul
it begs to dance
and I lust to see you move
freedom looks good on your beauty divine
sexual trust, breathing deep and low, let’s enjoy our psychedelic love slow
let it grow
let it flow
let’s be one
my psychedelic love has just begun
Aya aya aya
My queen I come for counsel
Be taken into me, may your spirit merge with mine
prayers to your divine
teach me of love, teach me to be human
Your holy garden, the amazon
the heart of the earth,
sacred pachumama
———— Love
Its about love
The new mythology is about love
We are writing the new mythology, the story our people will live by
Story will save us
look to art for the answers
Our world needs us
To grow our gardens, our communities, and our hearts
All creation needs our love
Look at life as a mirror, all that you see is your dream, its your story, a living reflection of your living being
Take responsibility for your world, love it as you love yourself, because it is you
accept it unconditionally
beyond good and evil
allow the plants to show you the way
allow the tao to flow through you like a river
allow yourself to let go
allow a little more room for love in your heart
decrease the things in your life that do not feed your soul and make time for a little more love in your life
Let your heart grow
let your mind expand
join in the drama
take up your cross and bear your burden
the hero’s journey is calling
your life is falling away, slipping on through your

fingers like sand
this current manifestation of you is a truly unique phenomena that has never and will never be repeated, make your one time under the sun shine like the stars you see illuminating the night, for though you are infinite, it does not make an moment any less important, for this moment lasts forever and you can choose to live it singing, dancing, and being grateful.
come on!
I’m calling you!
Join me under the stars, with a cup of mushroom tea and this old drum
we can make love,

its not too cold tonight with you in my arms
Join me on the white sand on this here beach
We’ll take peyote and pray to the fire till the sun becomes moon
no need to worry about anything
we can dance for 4 days without food and lord will be there
join me on a 10 day fast in the forest
living in awareness
as we quite our mind in meditation every cell becomes alive
100 trillion centers of awareness
aroused in the juicy sexual essence that pulses through all the earth
Come over to my house
Its a simple place, filled with objects of meaning, natural elements and trees. We can fill the room with candles and incense and smoke and sip on blue lotus while massaging each other. By stimulating meridians we can bring healing through awareness, allowing sweet chi to move through the energy body. We don’t have to be alone, let us bring as many joyful beings in the room as the space allows and make some beautiful vibrations.

The song and art of this generation has the hand of the creator behind it. Not since the temples of the ancients has such divinely inspired art been produced. Let’s make our mark on this beautiful earth and restore sacred images and geometry to our land. Let’s revive the beautiful. Let us build the cities of heaven, adorned by the touch of nature, the divine hand of the goddess.
guide as back into relation with our planet. Let us not forget we are nature, it lives in us, it speaks through us. Let us learn to once more speak to the trees and the animals. Let us turn back to those cultures which have not lost the living connection with spirit. May we walk the red road. The eagle and the condor fly together, the prophesy foretold, of a time when the people will once again listen to the ancestors. Our parents call from the grave to be revived. Let the ancestors once more live on, as they have always been here in each and every one of our cells. May their lives, and the lives of all living beings come and gone be proud of the people that inherited their struggle. We are the guardians of this planet, all generations of humanity and all the earth’s creature depend on us.  On You. Worry not, you are not alone -you are never alone- the community is rising, the revolution is starting. The plants, the mushrooms, the animals, -all the wise spirits and teachers- are all on our side, we speak and act on behalf of the living earth. The right side of history. Join me,
now now
With love and chi
-Zachary Koop

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