Write Your Story, Author Your Existence

This is literature
This is poetry
I am the author, the authoritarian; the logos
I am the ghost with a pen
I am free to express any point of view,
without censor,
without needing to love or even agree with the words
I let go
We should all let go when we read, so that we might hear the words the author meant to say, and not filter them our way
Look to learn,
not to judge
Be open to a new perspective
give way to fantasy
Explore your evil,
sick sexual dream
Screaming black night
Red murder

White child innocent
I’m a racist
A thief, a priest
A beggar and a chooser
A loser, boozer
Loving mother, devouring father
I write the words,
you give them meaning

Write from a perspective you disagree with
Step outside yourself
Write a joyful sonnet, about murder
Write about the glory of war

tell a story of survival or sin,
and sacrifice
To write is to create
To transcend without borders
your pen is your wand, your words are magic
Stories can alter the future, they have guided our species since before writing
Our collective myth is the song of ages
The stories we tell ourselves are the narratives we live by
What role do you play in your own novel?
Are you the hero, or a side character?
Your tale is waiting to be written
It does not matter if your a shaman, a baker, or a butcher, good literature gives meaning to any form of Being
Written from the heart of harmony, all things become beautiful
Tell your story well, and people will carry its words and vibration for generations to come, echoing your essence, calling out your name
Tell your story well and people will learn from it, cherish it, and want to tell it over and over and over and again
Be a person worth reading about, or that others would want to write about
Immerse your story in myth, archetypical themes and characters
Delve into meaning
Live in fantasy
The world is a drama; a dance
You are the cosmic actor
Your entire world is of your creation, including all your relations, your either writing it consciously or unconsciously. If there is something in your life you do not enjoy, ask yourself if your choosing that fate consciously, or unconsciously. Writing is a tool for awakening. The pen is more powerful than the sword.
Take responsibility to your words and deed
Author your thoughts as if they were being written of jade tablets for all eternity to read
The world needs your story
Your word is medicine

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