Death; eternal life – a poem

mankind should make the transcending of death the ultimate goal. For when we rise beyond our own death we are eternal.
to die before you die is to be infinite
It is to break the bonds of samsara
the dance of lila
When we learn to let go of dying we become death
all existential anxieties release
the chains of religious programming resolve
the ego dissolves
when we accept death, the root of all fears, all the danger is the world fades
for those who know they cannot die fear nothing in this life/ giving room to become everything
The realization that there is a part of you that is eternal is to become conscious of the great spirit
the dreamer has awakened to the dream and becomes the dream
Its all a projection of the mind
its all a dance
a dance of the dead
a dance of creation
the dance of destruction
and then creation
rebirth, breathe
galaxies come into being
the sun rises
the sun sets
the universe is destroyed
the earth is born in the divine feminine
the dance of opposites
that which you resist persists
run from death and his hounds will forever ravage your tail
when the mind is at peace, no plague of black death can draw us ill
when we transcend death we become the cosmic Christ on the cross
our pain is our offering
when we transcend pain we transcend ourselves, we transcend death, we are baptized and born again, eternal and risen
our suffering is our song to the creator, our joyful woes in the face of terror are thanks for the blessing of life
our lives are our sacrifice, our gift to give
when you give your life away you become infinite
I am the ascendant
I am that I am
being and non-being
yin and yang
dying is a process, just as living is a process, and just as sex is a process, you are not the one dying, but the process of change
you will die, and you have died ten-thousand times before and will die ten-thousand more
there is only one now, and you eternally rest here beyond life and death
rest your soul easy in the ecstasy of living and dying; the dance of humanity
be calm in the eye of the storm
the loom of the cloud
the heart of the volcano
the pulse of war
the sick ills of disease
and be pleased to show mercy
oh god
I humbly surrender to the infinite and when its time to breathe my last breathe I will let go
I will let go
I will let go and be reborn

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