Giving love and thanks to a dear friend

This is Edward Dangerfield
this is what my heart has to say about my brother Edward
I met Edward round a sacred flame, a fire we call Tatuwari
In a tipi we prayed
we witnessed the supernatural
we prayed
then after we connected
having only spoken a few words together before the ceremony we found a place in our hearts for each other .

Edward gave me a gift that morning. It is a piece of drift wood. It is a treasured item from his altar that he had prayed with for years, he gave this to me, not because he planned to meet me there, he knew nothing of me. He planned to make it into a necklace one day he expressed.
Looking up at him I met his eyes with the fire still burning
I felt a tug
I felt honoured.
A gift I did not deserve…
I thought to myself….this man wanted to make a necklace… I have a necklace, a prayer necklace made of wood. I rushed to my altar without saying anything leaving him there. Here’s your necklace I said, giving him my prayer beads that had been with me for years.
giving is receiving
Edward’s smile is genuine, the kind of pure eyed look that expresses pure joy. The particular smile he gave that day altered something in the universe. What I did not know is what Edward told me…
I’m going to be a father soon
I will pray with these beads and place them on my altar where my item use to remain.
yes. Pure yes. Moments are movies. My life is surreal.
Have you decided on his name? I spoke without thought, without knowledge of whether the child was a boy or a girl.

We don’t know its sex he replied, and I felt a bit abashed that I had spoken it.
then he said, I think its a boy too.
….fast-forward …months later…its a boy… still on the way. This man is going to be a great father, he already is a great man. Who has lived to tell the tale after an avalanche tried to take him down. But men with purpose rise against the elements. His story is not over.
When we talked we found out that we had developed similar practices in yoga, qi gong, breathework, and free movement.
time passed, and when our next meeting came we shared in the bliss that is Blessed Coast Festival. Our time was sacred.
Edward passed on an idea to me, he planned on taking men out into the wilderness to teach wisdom, share spirit, allow nature to heal, and take men on a voyage of breathe, experience sound, sweat, movement, and beyond.
He asked me to join in this venture.
The Hero’s Journey: A Men’s retreat was born
The rite of passage for men to rise to hero’s. As men come to the wilderness they connect with their mythical selves. With mentors, elders, teachers, as old as trees, these men will receive the medicine of breathe, movement, silence, story, drama, and release. Followed up with integration coaching and emails, these men will write their story. Hero’s are men who are those who take up their cross, and serve their community.


I carried his sacred item with me to the jungle to do ayahuasca, on a 8 day vision quest fast, several peyote ceremonies, and a 2 week fasting and praying journey to the sacred site jasper and Banf, and many more.  On my journey I was gifted a sacred gift by spirit to give to him… On our retreat I will give it to him.
Edward, brother, I love you.

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