Chakra Affirmations – poem

I am the words I speak
I am the subtle vibration
the harmony of the vocalization
I am the intention that is brought into action

tuning into my body I am sensation without thought
turning now to the breath

I am mindful of the sensation of breathing in

I am mindful now of the sensation of breathing out
as I breathe in I am mindful of the quality of my breathe and its flow through my body

As I take my next breath I bring my awareness to my belly, to the root of my spine and as I inhale I expand my diaphragm opening up lower diaphragm first then moving the oxygen up into my heart center, expanding my chest and then I release the breath
the exhalation teaches: to let go
to dissolve the tensions we hold in the body
Breathing in, I am in control
breathing out I am letting go
the subtle dance of giving and receiving
doing and Being

tuning into the base of the spine I follow these affirmations, I read them aloud and let them soak into my soul brining balance to my Being:
I bring my awareness to the base of my spine and I feel fine
I am safe and grounded to the earth
I am red
mother earth nourishes my mind, body, and spirit
I have everything I need for an abundant life; financially secure and safe in my tribe and community

Bringing the awareness 2 inches below navel I am becoming conscious of the breathe as it nourishes my 2nd chakra

I see its spiraling orange light circling clockwise
I am creative in all areas of my life
I have a healthy relationship with my emotions

I have a pure and holy relationship with the divine sexual

I am free to express my sexuality

Moving up and into the solar plexus, the center of the ego, The place of “I”
My solar plexus is my place of personal power
I am confident
I am enough

everything that I do in life is enough
I value and trust myself
I am yellow
I am the sun

moving the awareness now into the heart, the transition of ‘I’ to ‘we’; from me to you
I am okay to receive love
I am okay to give love
I am deserving of love, happiness, and prosperity in my life
my emotions are balanced and in harmony with my energy

I am joy

I am the bliss body

My awareness and breath now rises up and into the area of the throat
I am okay to express my voice, to speak my truth
I am okay to express my feelings easily and freely

I communicate well

rolling the eyes upwards I raise my awareness now into the place between the eyebrows
The place of inner vision
I am listen to my intuition

I find synchronicities
I trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it should – even when all seems grey
I open my intuitive abilities and use them for the highest good

I raise my awareness into my crown, at the top of the head
I am peace

I am whole and balanced
I honour my body as the temple that nourishes my soul

Moving beyond ‘we’ and into oneness with all beings, all relations, and all things under and including the sun

Coming back to the breath

I allow the breath to flow
I allow myself to let go of tensions
I allow myself to be
perfect and free

balanced and harmonized

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