The Mountain – poem

The mountain is wise

The man on the mountain is wise
the man in the city is lost
The mountain teaches through silence
the mountain speaks through you if you can listen
listening means coming to silence
people think they listen
yet most never stop speaking – aloud and to themselves
always there is a chatter of the mind
true silence is found in deep stillness
when’s the last time you were truly still? How long did your mind rest before it distracted you?
its hard to calm the mind
the mountain will teach you
without effort you will find yourself meditating
climb the highest hill you can find
scale the tallest mountain your bones can bear
and at the highest point you will hear true silence
a quiet so loud you’ll never hear anything like it
a place of peace will arise
a contentment will come
and your life will make sense
for a brief moment you will touch eternity and it will all make sense
your life, your struggles, your pain, your place
in an instant it will all make sense, everything is as it should be
in that moment you will be without desire
your wanting will cease
you will be centered and balanced
not pulled in any direction
just a witness to it all
then you will think a thought
and the silence will be broken
the mind will chatter again and you will go back to being you
a separate self in a world of strange
then one day you will die
it will be silent
your soul will be still
and you will return to the peace from which you came

then you will think a thought

and you will be born again with a different face


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