what would you do poem

What would you do?
What would you do if you could see things that other people could not?
What if when you looked into someone else’s eyes you could know more about them than they know about themselves
What would you do if you could read people’s bodies like a book?
With a simple and short observation you could see musculoskeletal imbalance and you knew how to help
our bodies reveal more than we think
the patterns we play out and the emotions we hold constantly rest in the body
there are certain positions our body comes into when certain emotional states are chronically held
here is a simple illustration
many negative emotions will cause the body to collapse inwardly, the shoulders roll forward and down, the head turns down, perhaps the arms are crossed over the heart to protect its vulnerable center. Conversely, when we are confident and full of positive emotion we hold our head high, we roll our shoulder back and we open our hearts to the world. If you chronically experience negative emotions your body will assume the former body position, over time your muscles, connective tissue and even the skeletal system will shift into a chronic holding pattern. When people correct these issues, say through stretching or yoga there can be a huge release of emotions. What is happening here? Your emotions live in the body, there is a deep cellular memory, and we can release those emotions by working on the body. The body, the mind, and the emotions are one.

We think with our bodies as much as our minds.
mind body
body body
emotional body
What would you do if you could sense blockages in people’s energies?
What would you do if you could see what limiting beliefs a person is holding that is preventing their growth and success
What would you do if when you looked at a married woman eyes you could see her soft desperation to find new love?
What if you could sense her sexual urges that she denies herself from even recognizing
What if you knew what the other sex wanted more than they knew what they wanted, and you could bring them to a place of pleasure more rapturous then they had ever experienced
What if you knew how to massage the body, to work with the meridians, trigger points, and arousal centers. What if you were a tantric multiorganismic person with the knowledge sacred sex?
What if you knew how to get away with murder
You had the connections, and if you wanted you could end someone’s life.
the only question is, do you hire a killer, or do you become the killer
What would you do if you knew your success was inevitable
you know because you’ve conquered death
You know because when you act you put your mind-body and spirit into everything you do
If there is a goal, it will be done, regardless of the obstacles, dragons, or barriers
If I have to starve myself for days to afford something, I won’t bat an eyelash

I’d give an eye for my goal

I’d give my life for my work
what would you do with this kind of dedication
imagine what you could accomplish

What would you do if you could feed a child in Africa for a dollar a day?
What would you do if you could donate 1 percent of all your income and that money would help the quality of lives for hundreds of people and animals
what would you do if you saw someone choking in a crowd
would you be one of those people who watches?
or would you be the one to step up
Oh, you don’t know how to help?
Why did you not spend a tiny portion of your wealth and time to learn this simple procedure that could save someone’s life
What if that choking person was someone you knew
your niece or nephew
What would you do if you saw someone drowning
would you save them?
What would you do if you had the power to save hundreds of people from disease, war, and famine?
Would you give away half your wealth, and alter your entire life to save a village?
What about to save a friend? Or family member…
What would you be willing to do to survive?
Could you kill your husband?
Could you turn against your country and go to war with another?
What would you do if you knew this was a dream
What if you knew you were eternal and that this moment is the only moment
would you hold onto anger, now and forever?
would you hold onto hate?
Why do you carry so many dead things in that bag of yours
What would you do if you saw an act of racism?
What about violence?
would you help?
What if you were to witness 3 beastly men bashing the body of young woman
what would you do?
What would you do if you knew the way in which you were living was unsustainable, and your entire reality, your job, your way of life, your wealth, your food, your entire being was at stake….would you just continue that 9 to 5?
Would you change?
Would you change if you KNEW it could save it all
Would you change if did not know it would help
What if you sell your things, march for peace, invest in sustainable communities, and in the end it does not make a difference, and you are left poor, alone, and with AIDS
Would you be angry?
Who would you be angry at? Yourself? God? the universe?
What would you do if you knew how to learn
like, really well
You could learn martial arts, dance, singing, writing, acting, business, mountaineering, sailing, and anything you wanted
How many languages do you want to speak?
5? Done.

with your determination, what you say will be done
Would you pursue mastery for yourself? Or would you direct your energies elsewhere
What if you knew when and how you would die
What if it was 20 years from now? What would you do till then
in those final years, days, and hours, how would you live differently
How do you prepare for death?
What if you could live beyond death
just kidding, you can’t do that
But what if
What if you could be reborn with a new face and no memory of your last life?
What if you knew you would be reborn again and again, never knowing where and with what parents
What if your ejaculation could cure cancer
Would you donate your cum for cancer
What if your cum caused cancer to you and the women you slept with
Could you overcome your sexual urge
What if you had no dick, how different would you live your life
What about no period?
Who would you be without your emotions?

Who would you be without your past?

Who would you be if you had no memories?

Who were you before you were born?

Who will you be after you do?
What if you woke up tomorrow and you were blind…
in jail
the opposite sex
what would you do if you knew your spouse was cheating on you, but you were cheating on them also
What if you knew your child was gay?
what would you do if the power went out for weeks? Do you have what you need to survive?
How much water is in your home? How well equipped are you for when disaster strikes?
Our future holds mass migrations, possibilities of global catastrophes and world war 3, are you ready?
Are you ready to die?
What if your country was invaded, are you ready to protect your family
The invaders have come, the phone lines are cut… where do you go?

Your wife your kids…
your family…
your friends..
where do you go
there’s an earthquake and your friend dies
What do you do?
What if you were born with limitations but with infinite potential
what if you could create beautiful art
write stories that would be passed down for generations
be a part of a movement to save the planet
would you give up your current life plans
would you give up retirement, all your savings, and your future to follow truth
What if you were awakened and could see through illusion?
What would you do if you knew right from wrong
What would you if you knew you could change and it just took a little work
Would you do it?
Or would you stay the same?

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