I choose to let people die – poem


The agreement:
I am consciously or unconsciously choosing the conditions of my existence
If there is an aspect of my life that does not serve my well being, it is my responsibility to ask myself, am I consciously making choices in my life that allow these conditions?
If I can’t conceive of a way that I’m consciously choosing to create an unfruitful state, I must admit that I’m unconsciously choosing for it to be so.
Once you know it, you can’t unknow it.
The reality of this way of thinking is both daunting and empowering
It means that I am consciously and unconsciously choosing to not to help the people on the streets
I am consciously and unconsciously choosing to allow poverty
What a responsibility that is placed on each of our heads
To become conscious and change
We’re not alone
And I pray for strength and allies, seen and unseen, as I learn to walk a different way
Awareness can be a gift for those who are wiling to change, and a curse for others who attach moral implications to their actions and inaction
When we place a judgement on ourselves we are motivated ourselves through fear
I choose to motivate myself by love
A desire to help
I’m small now, but my universe is growing, as I break down my boundaries, I am free to help
Each day I must ask, what am I choosing?
Is it serving me?

It’s empowering to think in this way because the reality is, I have the power to change, myself and all unfruitful states
I don’t beat myself up for what I haven’t done and what I’m not doing
It’s just where I’m at
But if each day I can make some small improvement in my life I can change
If I change 1% of my life each day, in 100 days I can change 100%
If I can solve one small problem a day, think of what I can do in a lifetime
If I can help one person a day, think of what I can do in a year
If I can love each person I meet, with the respect and care I show for my own heart, think of the fire of love that could grow and catch flame to passionate hearts of humanity, a people who can overcome any challenge. We are the people who can carry the sacred flame of love in our heart, we cannot be defeated, no darkness can penetrate so deep as to extinguish the perfect white light of love.
Yet…perhaps I’m choosing for there to be evil
To be in pain
I am choosing to allow myself and others to suffer
If I am taking responsibility for myself and all other people, I must admit there’s a part of me that chose to be Hitler
I choose to be a dictator
A liar
I am a judgemental god
I am Aries the god of war
I am Kali the destroyer
They are my many faces
I am choosing to teach myself hard lessons
After all, I chose to be born to this earth
I chose the conditions of my existence
I will continue to choose till I have learnt the lessons I have chosen to learn in this life
It’s all my choice, whether its conscious or unconscious
It’s all my choice



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