On Love


I remember the first time I fell in love
It was an awakening
An opening of the heart

Then I remember breaking up and breaking down
Slashed wrist
Numb and cold
Grey sky eyes

I remember falling in love again
Oh, what a sweet reminder of the beauty of life it was
In love I am alive, my world is brought to colour
I start to see life through her eye’s, I start to transcend myself and see the world a new way

Love heals by breaking the walls of the heart
The walls that I had build for all the times I felt rejected
I built those walls, and she’s tearing them down
She is an angel

But people change
And what was a beautiful love, became a horrible black cloud
I would love again, but just a bit more jaded
The true romance dies when the memories still loom from the past
My mind was too aware of break ups, marriage, and divorce
The youthful fairy tale of love became unintelligent

Love is irrational, but only if we live in the mind and not through the heart
Which makes me think…
I wasn’t always rational
No one is born rational
I was a joyous and carefree child
Spontaneous and open to love

Then I went through a process of turning within to tear down my own walls, to find that same love within myself that I once needed someone else to show me
from the head to heart

I’ve come back to my heart
to fall in love with humanity
I fall in love with strangers
I fall in love with my house
I fall in love with my toes
I’m not being hyperbolic or silly, well maybe a little, but I do love toes
And why would you not want to love your house? I appreciate it, truly
The depth of your ability to love is a function of the openness of your heart
When you step into the dimension within yourself that is loving, when you learn to enter your own heart’s space, then you can live in this love
Other people can show us what it feels like to love, but they are only guides pointing us to our own heart
Love is not out in the world
It’s not to be found in someone else
It’s to be found in your own heart

Your love is boundless if you set it free
Your love begs for you to follow it
It won’t be rational
It won’t be secure
But none of the best love stories are safe and secure
They’re fairy tales
When you follow your heart and not your head your life will become a fairy tale
When I say ‘follow your heart’ I’m not talking about a relationship with another person, I’m talking about opening yourself to love, and being loved, and doing what you love

Maybe you love to write, or sing, or spend your days on the beach, or in the forest
The universe supports you
The world needs more love
The world needs more people who live from the heart

Humanity is living from the head, and not the heart
We are human beings, with heads and hearts, to live from just one of these dimensions of life is like only ever readings textbooks and never fiction
It’s like prose without poetry
It’s like life without colour
It’s like story without metaphor
It’s like yin without yang

The mind is infinite
Yet we spend most our time mentally talking to ourselves
Most thoughts are not insightful or brilliant, most of the are not even original ideas, we are just repeating patterns of the past and just chattering on and on
The truly insightful thoughts come out of deep silence
The mind needs tamed and calmed
The mind is a part of you, and if there was a part of you that continually went on and on without control, like a flailing arm, would you not try to find a way to calm it?
But even a calm mind is nothing without the heart
The heart allows you to feel not think
Love allows you to feel dimensions within yourself you often can’t seem to feel on your own

Love is the gift of eternal life
For to fall in love is to be reborn
It is to renew the openness to experience ourselves wholly as when we were a child
Love is one of the most precious gifts we can give
Yet how much time do we spend in a truly loving state
We don’t choose love
We choose other states
Love is always a choice
There is no one stopping you but yourself from turning within and opening yourself up to feel love, and share your heart with the world- without fear
To offer your heart to the world, is a beautiful prayer
I love

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