On Romance


Romance is an art
It is the outward and creative expression of the heart
It is a way of creating a sacred union
romance is a ceremony of love

Romance can be masculine and feminine
When I step into my feminine, my romance is embued with emotion, its expression is poetry, art, cuisine, dance, and massage. There is a process of beautifying the physical environment, the same cleansing one would do before a healing ceremony.

When I step into my masculine romance, there is solid support and safety, so that a woman may know that she is free to be herself

There is a subtle dance between my masculine and feminine, between leading and allowing. This is the dance of the shiva and shakti. The eternal lovers, with many forms and faces.

The dance of opposites is the dance creation.

Romance should come from the heart. A gift from the heart carries a value beyond its form. For love is transcendental. If a love is not transcendent, if does not not transform your innermost Being, then it is only of the mind and body.

Love is too precious to be mediocre. Come wholly, or do not come at all. Since love is sacred, then it should be treated as such, and romance is the offering, it is the grateful prayer of a grateful spirit who is aware that love is the greatest gift.

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