We Can be one – poem

You can’t see me
What you see is just a wake
By the time the light reflects off my body and into your eyes I’m already gone
You see where I use to be
And you can never someone by their past

But you can feel me in the present
There’s only one way to feel me though
We can’t be separate, we must connect our Beings
When you can feel me in this way, there is no room for miscommunication
There is no room for illusion
When there is no separation between you and I, there is only love

In order to reach beyond yourself you must transcend everything you thought you once were
Your past must not determine your present
You must be free of all patterns of the past
Free from all unprocessed emotion in the body
Free from your name
Free from everything you once called yourself

Most human’s experience this transcending when they fall in love
Love dissolves the boundaries of the self
But most people fall in love unconsciously, and their boundaries dissolve without full awareness of the process
They often fail to see that they have expanded
Many struggle with the dissolution of their own boundary, their old sense of self still clinging on
But love dissolves boundaries, and when you become conscious of this process you can use it to become the entire cosmos
For if we can reach beyond our self through loving another person, we can reach beyond by loving any person
When humanity extends its love for all people, then we will be one with each other
Then it will extend that same love for all things, realizing then that the entire universe is made of love and it is waiting for you to love it as it loves you so that you can merge into it and become one

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