Sex sex sex



Sex is one of the most misunderstood and misused actions a human can perform

It can be the highest and most sacred union of two Beings to create life

Or it can be just fuckin’, and hitting that shit raw dog and bailin’

It can be a conscious and romantic art of the highest healing potential

Or it can be dirty memory so dark, you’ll try and hide it from yourself

Yet the energetic exchange of sex can leave lasting imprints

And herpes don’t’ go away either


Sex is biological and physical

But it can also be emotional and spiritual

It can be compulsive or conscious

Many people don’t know what their life is like when its not ruled by their constant desire for sexual gratification

It takes a prolonged and conscious period of abstinence to reach beyond

The same is true of our desire for food

And pleasurable substances

It can take time away to master the urge to compulsively feed our desire for sense gratification

When a person goes beyond their desire for sex, they experience a kind of freedom from the body

This transcendence may be temporary or permanent


Sex is easy to abuse

It’s so simple to pleasure yourself

Just a flick of the wrist away

Hijack that pleasure system

See where it gets you

12 hours of self-stimulation

Days and years of tuggin’ or playin’

Hundreds of partners

Where does the road lead?


For a man

He must ask, is he sleeping with women and holding them in the highest?

Or are they just places to stick the dick?

If you want to experience dimensions of life that are beyond the self, your incessant need to stimulate yourself is only tethering you to your body

No judgment, do as you will, your choice is yours


But sex can be an act of love too

A true union

An act of transcendence

A dance of the souls

A gift from spirit


But it must be treated as sacred, each love-making must be conscious and treated with care and grace

The night should be devoted to washing, preparing, cleansing, and purifying the body temple

If one is to truly orgasm, every cell must awaken

The process is beautiful, if it is done right

The process is never hurried

Nor do either of the parties ever lose control and turn into beasts

This does not mean the energies do not become aroused and fierce

It rather denotes a kind of control and mastery of inner energies


Most people merely organism in their genitals

Whereas master’s of the art of love, raise the energy up their spine and their entire Being orgasms


If at the end of your orgasm your life is not complete and you are not ready to die, the you have not climaxed

Each moment of love making is an art

It is not a means to some end; each moment is an end unto itself

Each moment is to be breathed in and tasted

Each moan is to be felt

Each touch should penetrate deep within your heart

Your bodies will dissolve, and your breath will synchronize as your energies become as one moving, breathing, bliss-body


To make love in this way, is how we should bring creation into being

To bring new life into this world as act of passionless and compulsive pleasure seeking is helping no one

To create a sacred union, and to make the act of creation the most celebrated and beautiful moment of giving and receiving, is a way to commit to love, and commit to raising a child in love and out of love





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