How Conscious Connected Breathing can help us find our core self


The process of your growth is an outward expansion from an infinite point
You were once a single cell, and like a seed you grew outwards from the inside
Growth happens from within
This center of self, is the core of your Being, and it can be thought of as the center of creation
In science we speak of the big bang, which is the expansion of the entire cosmos from a single point
Let us call that the great Self

The small self, is you, the microcosm of that macrocosm
As above, so below

When you were born you were in direct connection with this divine source of creation
As we age and seek to establish security in social relationships, we gradually forget our internal connection to source and the great Self. During this process, we create various masks and defence mechanisms that seek to shield us from our pain and self-hatred (shame).

The process of remembering our connection to our true self is one of moving beyond our masks and defence mechanisms, through fear and into self love.

Throughout our lives when we repress any flow of feelings connected to an event we freeze the energy of that event and lock it within our cells and tissues. Our emotions become stored in the body. When we wall off our wounds we also wall off our connection to our deeper core self. We pretend not to feel the pain anymore and we block the memory of the event through denial. Thus, preventing a natural resolution to the pain and trauma of the event.

The amount of life force and vibrance you are able to feel and experience is in direction proportion to your ability to feel the direct connection of your center. When we deny our true feelings, we disconnect from our core self and begin to identify with our created social masks. When we are walled and carrying wounds from the past, we are not capable of letting love into the depth of our heart.

Most of our pain comes not from the original trauma but from the unconscious belief system in the “story” that was established to protect us from the original trauma. Instead of working through the pain and trauma we deny the event.

This process happens in our earliest years before we are even verbal. Here is an example of how a child may start with a connection to her central core self, then move into fear, self-hate, and then develop a mask and defence mechanism.

Picture this:
Your 2 years old and filled with wonder. Your natural state is bliss and curiosity. You begin to explore the drawers in your father’s office and your father comes in and shouts “no!”. You experience fear from the noise and the angry energy directed your way. Although your father tries to explain why you should not be in his drawers, you don’t understand him and you reason that you did something wrong and that you are bad and unworthy of love.
A child needs a parents love to survive. they will self suppress their emotions and act in a certain manner in order to receive approval. These kinds of cycles will continue to repeat throughout a child’s life driving them to create various external masks for the sake of acceptance, control, and/ approval.
We then carry these social masks with us as if they were are actual identities. We begin to think we are so and so, from so and so, and we get stuck in a story we have been telling ourselves instead of staying connected to the infinite point of creation from which we all grew out of.

Spiritual cultivation is the process of returning to source, from the center of divine creation within us. The word center is on one level quite literal, as coming back to center involves coming back to your body. Finding yourself is a process of going within and pushing aside all the masks you wear to the world, it means laying to rest all the stories you’ve told yourself, all the things the world pressures you to believe, then and coming in contact with the part of you that was present before you were born.

As mentioned, trapped and suppressed emotion is stored in the body and the cells. That is why central to spiritual cultivation and healing practices arises body-centered therapies which connect you back into your body to move through any blockages and allow the free flow of energy you once had when you were a child, when you were connected to source.

The diaphragm and breathing apparatus is one the areas where our subconscious patterns show up. When I help facilitate conscious connected breathing I help people heal from trauma and unprocessed emotion in the body by restoring the natural flow of energy into pockets of holding.

There is a natural balancing that happens of yin and yang energy, of in-breath and out-breath, sympathetic and parasympathetic. As we begin to breath in more oxygen it can travel and heal the areas it is needed. When we learn to fully release and relax we can invite in more ease and flow.
My experience with conscious connected breath has helped me to identify patterns in my own breath, that show up in my life, because how we breath is how we think. The breath has guided me to drop my exhale and slow down and invite more relaxation in my life. My breath has helped me heal with traumas from my birth, childhood, adolescence, and it continues to guide me and my actions every day.

Person after person who comes to try conscious connected breathing is connected with their own intuitive healing capacity. It’s a beautiful thing to connect people with their own medicine. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to help people find their center again, to help them align to their highest self, with purpose, and vitality.

The breath is a powerful source of healing for our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It can heal the deep emotional and energetic patterns from the tissues and the psyche. I’m deeply grateful to be able to share this medicine with all my relations, from my open heart to yours, I pray for you to find yourself, your core self, so that you can feel that infinite of point of creation and its boundless love.

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