Meditation to Samadhi

Attention leads to concentration

Concentration leads to meditation

Meditation leads to samadhi


Concentration is the process of holding or fixing the attention of the mind onto one object or place

Meditation is the sustained concentration, whereby the attention continues to hold or repeat the same object or place

Samadhi is the deep absorption, wherein only the essence of that object, place, or point shines forth in the mind


When one enters a deep enough absorption with any object or place, they are one

Then observer and observed are one


One reality

One awareness


Any object or place is a doorway into the infinite


Samadhi is not mythical or beyond the attainment of anyone

It’s a regular occurrence in meditation

It’s briefs at first, but as one begins to touch samadhi more and more they begin to merge with the unity of Being


A meditation object can be can anything, from a candle, to the opening of the nostrils, to the devotion to a beloved child or partner.

To be fully involved, in complete absorption with life, is liberation

To be wholly involved in life is to lose one’s small self to great Self


It’s not a goal or an attainment

It’s an inevitability

Just as each moment of your life is inevitable

Samadhi is waiting for you to surrender and let go
It is to die before you die

When we learn to wholly accept this moment, we live fully

When we learn to be present, in pain or in pleasure equally

We become equanimous in mind


We become equanimous in mind by transcending the world outside

When the situation outside ourselves does not determine our own internal state, we take responsibility for ourselves.

When we take absolute responsibility that our experience of life is 100% our own doing, we take control of our life.


When we become conscious and present in each moment, free from compulsion and karma, we can become liberated

When we choose to be joyful in all situations, we experience true freedom


Meditation and the yogic sciences are a repository of tools for cultivated internal well-being

Tuning into our bodies and our breath, is a way of internally resources ourselves

When we learn to turn within, we realize there is nothing outside of ourselves to seek

All the joy, love, equanimity and peace we have ever experiences has been experienced within

That joy lies dormant

That love still burns brought

The equanimity persists

And that peace is always a place within

Waiting for you to come back to yourself and see you are one with all that is, whole, healed, and holy










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