Will I ever love another as I have loved you?

Will I ever love another as I have loved you?
Your gone now, and we’ve said our peace and I’m left here wondering will I ever love another as I once loved you?
Will I get nervous again, like when we fell in love?
Will I lose my mind and write someone else poetry like I use to write you?
Do you remember when I use to say, ‘This romance is destiny, this world has never known a love like this’
What if that’s true?
The greatest love stories are the one’s that can never be
Think Romeo and Juliet, Gone with the Wind, and Titanic
Do you remember the visons we had of each other?
When we saw our future together
What was that?

Life is a mystery to me
Some days I’m In awe by its complexity
Some days I’m confused by its complexity

Remember when you use to say ‘it is, what it is’ because it would drive me crazy?
Your right
It is what it is
That’s all we ever know

I’m grateful for the stars, for lining up just as they do
I don’t know why they hang there in the heavens
But something greater than me seems to be guiding me, and surely you
I have more lessons to learn and I’m humbled to know this life

It’s not easy being human some days
But I’m grateful for the teachings
To know truth is gift worth suffering for
For we are all responsible for our own salvation, we can believe in 10,000 gods and deities, but if we don’t believe our self then we have nothing
I can’t say if I’ll ever love again like I once did
My heart has grown too large to love like that again
I’ve fallen in love with all of mankind
My heart has become unbounded
I’ve found my truth
My heart, my compass

Love is never lost, when it goes away in one form, it comes back in another
Love is never far, when its in your own heart
What a gift it is to know love
To be love
To give love unbounded
I thank all those who have crossed my path and given to my heart of love
I thank all those I have loved, all those I have hurt, and all those who have hurt me
I thankful for all the lessons I have learned and all the lessons I have to learn, knowing full well this life is about falling into greater depths of love with life, all of life, until we once day dive right back into the ocean of love for which we came



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