2019 goals

2019 goals:
I commit to creating more love this year
I invite love to flourish in myself, so that I may love all things
What more does one need to attain to than love?
If I can wake up each day a fraction more loving, then I have won the day
When love flourishes, it is the force behind all actions
We’ve all loved someone in a deep way, imagine loving all people like that, imagine loving all aspects of the world like that
What an attainment that would be
It’s not out of reach, there is no one who does not have boundless love within them
The process is just one of allowing its expansion

I commit to dancing more
Singing more
Playing more
Crying more
Failing more – trying more
Taking more responsibility
And no fucking excuses

I commit to practicing steadiness of mind
If I cannot steer the monkey mind, I cannot be centered
If I cannot be centered, I cannot be of aware of my own actions
How can I free myself from my own patterns if I don’t pay skillful attention to be aware of my unconscious patterns guiding my actions?

I want to get to know some people on a deep level, on our most human level
I want to fall in love

I commit to spending more time under the stars writing poetry and dancing
I commit to spending more time with sand in my toes
With leaves in my hair
Waking up to a lake as quiet as the night sky

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