I don’t want to die – poem

‘I don’t want to die like this’ she said as she bled her words unto my wounded ears
I’m drowning as I look at her laying in the hospital bed, almost dead
My eyes are spitting tears
Her fear is black
her face screams silent death
‘Let us run away’ she cries, holding her insides as they pulsed with pain
Crippling forward she crumbles under a cloak of suffering
I curse the high heavens for making her ill
Just two days ago every laugh was an echo of lust
Our love was clear and pure like the sweet September air
She let me in
We went into the depths and shared ourselves in the safety of angels

Her eyes as wide as oceans
“let us run away’ she said once more, her lips bright red with a glaze of dried coughed up blood
Let us run through the streets with a flag and pronounce that death can do us no harm
Be with me there
Bare feet on the cold brick-walk
Cold night wind won’t worry us
Our 10 fingers locked
Take me down to the river where were first fell in love
I want to be there with the trees who laid witness to our first kiss
Kiss me there, and I will die in peace

Let us dance in the twilight of open streets where the worried one’s will wonder what we have done, let them stare, and do not take your eyes from mine
Do not let me out of sight
Her tears came drooling down her eyes as she spoke her hearts song

Love is a dog from hell
All that is, is lost
Carried away before my eyes, she’s going to leave this life forever

She begins to fade
Her eyes are tunnels without light
I can feel her presence without pulse
All is silent
Her eyes begin to close and her breath stills
The subtle light of her life flickers

I’m holding her hand, but I can’t feel her
In a moments time, she passes away
I’m left alone with her still warm body

I wander to the window, and look to the stars
But their beauty has been robbed
I’m wondering where you are
Who has taken you from me

With no one to curse, I cry
There’s a void in my heart as vast as starlit sky
The space you once held is a barren sea
Where are you now?
Where have you gone?
Are you safe?

There is no answer
There is no knowing
Death is the great the mystery
From silence we come, and to silence we go



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