Love is an Imperfect Dance

Our four feet shift across the smooth wooden floor.
Her blond hair has its way with the wind as she twirls.
It’s a beautiful dance
Step back,
now step into me.
Our bodies begin to ignite, our eyes make love as the music moves through us.
Two bodies, two beings, dancing as one.
Then in an instance we are broken, my foot twirl as I’m supposed to twist, I’ve lost the rhythm and we stopped moving with elegance.
A bird loses its wing.
She just smiles and chuckles through her eyes. -She’s too kind to laugh out loud-
till I do.
And soon enough we’re holding our bellies bellowing joy and we are one once more.
A bird learns to fly.
We are dancing
It is an imperfect dance
We both play our roles, I’ll take you as you are because my heart chose you, not my mind.
What other way should we move?
There are no mistakes in life, not every seed that falls free from the tree is meant to be.
If it was, then it would be.
There are those who see the world as it is, and those who see the world as they wish it could be.
The ladder never know deep intimate love.
Love is messy.
It’s 4 a.m. fighting, then It’s making Love as the sun rises.
It’s an imperfect dance,
yet all of creation moves this way.
Love is the story of creation.
It has three parts.
The creation, the maintenance, and the destruction.
It’s a cycle, you cannot cling to it, and you cannot resist it anymore than you can prevent the day turning into night.
Love has no rules.
You can say your vows, you can stay up all night with the light on pretending the sun is shining, but creation will continue creating.
You will love, and you will lose.
Life is as it is, not how you wish it would be.
See the beauty in it.
If love never changed, what a bore.
Love knows nothing of security. Life is not about security.
Love is like life, it can end at any minute
Your love is as volatile as a caged cornered lion.
To live in this awareness is to keep love fresh.
To live in this awareness is to keep your soul vital.
If you’re not ready to give up everything that you are and merge into the messy center of another Soul, then you’re playing surface games.
Love is the most precious gift a person can receive.
It is sacred when it is total. This love, is not common, for millions marry each other each second, and this is not necessarily love.
Love is not premeditated and planned
It falls upon you like grace
To know true love is to be transformed, it is a kind of transcendence of the soul.
In this way, love is a kind of death, a death of the small self, for love dissolves the boundaries of one into another.
Love is like death
There’s no way to know when you will die.
You need not know.
Love knows no bounds
love is patient, love is kind
love can also be a little bitch that will tear your lungs out and leave you breathless.
If love was always cordial and kind, she would not be worth giving up everything for.
If love was too soft it would simply make love in the missionary position over and again
Love is sometimes soft, but love is also the Kama Sutra.
Love is dangerous. It knows no taboo, and knows nothing of the bounds of marriage, age or gender.
Love is kinky with bloodlust,
love will leave you lost and broken, but this life is an imperfect dance, and you will make mistakes, or you’ll sit on the side watching it all.
In the end life is as it is, and not how you wish it would be
Enough for today.

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