Men’s Retreat


What could you do with four immersive days in the wilderness?

In my early twenties it became apparent that I had never grown up, there was not a clear transition from boyhood to manhood.. In my readings I found that many indigenous cultures initiate their men
through ritual, so I started taking myself into the wilderness,
fasting for sometimes 10 + days, spending 10+ hours a day meditating, doing movement practices such as yoga and qigong, and praying for my purpose.

I felt empowered to transcend certain states of discomfort and hone my attention and courage. I was in a archetypal phase of stepping into being a warrior,
proving to myself that I have some gravitas. As I continued to challenge myself and search for my purpose, the universe listened and I continued to find my way.

Fast forward to now

I’m a breathwork facilitator, embodied flow inspired yoga teacher, and alignment coach who uses ancient and modern practices to help people find mental,
emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. I host public breath circles, work in a 1 on 1 practice in two cities, and lead events and retreats from Vancouver to Pemberton.

Inspired by my early days in the wilderness I now take men out to the wilderness, for 4 days, to turn within, and orientate their compass true north.

My own life offers my greatest teachings, and in order to listen to my heart and become clear on my purpose, I needed to cultivate a deeper relationship with my bodymind and emotions.
thus, I had to first tune into a certain level of unprocessed emotion that has been stored in the physical body. This unprocessed emotion is due to times in our life, especially our preverbal childhood, when we
had experiences that our nervous system could not wholly feel and express, and so it stores those emotions for a time when the body is safe to feel, heal, and find the wisdom that comes when we complete an emotional cycle. the men’s retreat is the safe container to find clarity.

These pockets of unprocessed emotion manifest as tension in our breathing apparatus, and through entering altered states of consciousness with breathwork we can access these unprocessed emotions. Further, our body is the subconscious mind, it holds all of our patterning and conditioning that continues to manifest through continued habits and stories we repeat. Through accessing highly neuroplastic states we can change our wiring, inviting in qualities we wish to see flourish in our lives, altering our gene
expression, stepping into our power, and finding purpose.

the retreat has deep inner work, which is contrasted with the joy and silliness as a group of men, often strangers agree to set a safe space to be themselves.
When a safe space for expression and emotion is welcome, people step into being authentic, and the conversation flows, as do the laughs. There is a beautiful cadence that develops between deep work and emotional depths, to
beautiful heights of bliss.

I work with an indigenous elder of the land who guides the men through a ceremonial sweatlodge. A time for prayer, and learning the ways of the people of this land.

We also use various techniques of hot and cold therapy, including hot springs and river swims.

I share the teachings of qigong, yoga, and other wisdom traditions from around the world. it’s an honor to share the ways I have been taught by my teachers
Edward Dangerfield, Robin Clements, Vern, Jessica Kamell, and others.

I plan to continue to bring these wilderness retreats through twice a year. Partnering with the professional chef D’arcy Demoe, and other breath facilitators to support.
These retreats are for anyone looking to deepen their level of embodiment. Learn coaching tools and practices capable of radically shifting their physiology, altering their nervous system wiring,
and moving through any perceived blockages holding them back from fully stepping into their power.

Next retreat will be in June, more information to follow, inquire if interested to book one of the limited spaces.

Thank you @rtkenny for the amazing photography work, please seek him on insta to work with him

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