Birth till Death – poem

Born into it

with no one to blame

shame and guilt are your cross to bear and not to bury

the patterns of the past are archaic adaptions that won’t last
you’ve amassed conditioning and inherited trauma

you are the Dali liama
treat yourself with care and accept your whole heart wholeheartedly

pray for honour, for without internal integrity your house is full of lies and spies

jealousy lives in the hips it wills to power over people until you learn that true will is power over yourself

guilt and shame lie in the belly, you’ll have to stomache your pride if you hold these inside
your sins are yours to carry, like a cross they bear their burden

erected on the stake, you will be hung and left for dead and you will be forgiven
forgiven by yourself, as an act of self love you are the judge of your own heart
beg for mercy from yourself

self-sabatoge is masterbaition

self-improvement is masterbaition

it’s all about self-stimulation until you know love but to know love, is to die for you cannot fully love, unless your ready to get over yourself

Love is where we transcend the ‘I’ and move into the ‘we’ it’s the only way to be free
to die before you die, is to live eternally

healing is about acceptance, autonomy, anger, awareness, assertion, and allowance

healing is about surrender, letting go, releasing, forgiving, and loving

healing is soft, gentle, caressing, like a mother holding her newborn child

Healing is betrayal, vomiting, purging, crying, and bashing your fists on the ground begging

healing is not something you do it happens by grace it happens when you give room and space to grow and allow life to flow into you

you can’t heal on your own to heal is to be whole, and separation is a kind of sickness

healing is community coming together in circle in song and dance, writing a new story
sickness is limiting narratives, ignorance and unconscious patterns that play out victimization and castration of the soul

growth, in all of nature happens from the center outward
like the big bang or mustard seed growing the great tree

you grow from the center outward your healing is an inward journey
your community and family are your roots your identity is your integrity your heart is your soul your head is the heavens

your breath is your connection to life lose your breath, and you lose your spirit
inhale to know inspiration exhale to know dedication
inhale to know life exhale to know death
inhale to receive exhale to offer
each breath in, you are given life force energy each word you say is an exhale, it is your offering back to the world
your words are prayers
each breath in you are given energy to offer your gratitude for grace
one day you will give up your breath your body your mind and emotions
you will offer it all back you will give up your hous eand your family
you came into this world with nothing and you were given everything
you will leave with nothing live in this awareness and nothing can touch you, not even death
this is the awareness of your eternal nature

forget it, and you are living in the finite
live in the presence of the here and now, and live in eternity
live in the mind, and you live in the realm of time and space
live in heart, and you live without self live in the ego, and you live separation
you cannot know heaven without love love is the bridge between what is man, and what is God
the heart is doorway unto the infinite
the breath is the doorway into spirit
the body is the vehicle emotions are the energy
know them well, without attachment to their ebb and flow
with grace and ease, the way of nature is the way of balance
watch nature as it moves as it cycles

that is you do not resist the cycles or the seasons when fall comes, let go, grieve and let die all that does not serve for the spring will come and all of nature will be reborn
those who are sick do not suffer, those that cling do suffer
with mindful loving awareness even sickness is a blessing
life is only a curse for those that cling to what they wish life would be acceptance is way the nature
when a deer knows it has been caught by the bear it gives up and dies

the body freezes and fills with endorphins if the deer were to struggle to the end, it would die in anxiety
the way of nature is knowing when to be defeated

knowing that you cannot win at life we all succumb to the seducing nature of death
live wholly and fully, with graciousness and care so fully and wholly that when death comes you can say to her, take me, I have given myself in each moment and death is the final frontier, I have nothing left to do but dive into the mystery of eternity
take me

I offered my heart and soul and I have already given myself life away

this body is yours to take, it is of the earth, let it rot into the earth

my spirit lives on

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