The Love Sutra

The Love Sutra

Seek to know her
She is a scarlet flower
Breath in her beauty into your body -let in enliven you-
Never pick the flower / never take it home
Let it grow / let it be reborn each year
She does not belong to you / she is one with the earth

She is the divine feminine
She is one with the source of creation

There are two forces in existence: chaos and order
-she is chaos and creativity- all things come from her

The feminine nature is flow and feeling
If you seek to know her, never find her, and follow her eternally

You cannot know her / she is formless
Yet you can learn to dance with her
She cannot be predicted
One must learn to deeply listen and feel her every movement in your body

She speaks without words
Lay down your logic to penetrate her heart
To know her, she must be felt
She is as much ‘out there’ as ‘in here’
To know her, you must know yourself
She is within

She is a Goddess
Many faces / Many arms
A man must be steadfast and grounded to approach a feminine in her fully embodied form

She is as radiant…as she is terrifying
Her love is the sweet nectar that breaks the spell of man, to shatter the boundries of self

She is a saviour, and a giver of love

she terrifies a man who is not willing to see his shadow

She is Kali the destroyer
Transformation is the gentle opening of a flower in Spring’s bloom
Transformation is also the terrible face of a tsunami thrashing a shore

To love her, is to fear her
to revere her
and to worship her

without sacred devotion
Man is not mindful
He will lack the conscious intention necessary to remain awake to her
A love will not survive unless it is tended to like a garden
A garden is necessary to eat from, and yet hurricanes come, and the farmer must be ready to plant new seeds despite despair

She is a prophet
a healer
a revealer of truth
she is a mirror
Be wary, those men who dare to look upon her, for she will show you parts of yourself that are blind to see
Be wary to arouse a love you are not ready to contend with
Love is a straight edge razor
Truth is a sword

If you are willing, she is a loving mother
if you are pure in intention and commitment
She may bless you with children

if you are devoted, you may spend eternity in her eye

If it is love…
It will transform you

See her

  • Few men see women as they are, they look with the eyes. Seek to see her soul. Seek to the see the world from her eyes, and she will reveal the beauty of existence.

Seek to see her as she is, not as you wish her to be

Listen to her

  • She is speaking from her heart to yours.
  • She is the voice of the earth

Hold her

  • she is a small child, a radiant warrior, a vixen of love and a wise grandmother
  • learn to touch all of her peices

Kiss her

  • knowing she is innocent and pure, as much as she is fierce and sexual
  • tend to all her sides, and learn to kiss all her special places

To know her, is to lay down your life
It is not a defeat, but an allowing of an unseen force far greater to connect you with something more than you are

Love asks we surrender our life as an offering. Man has not the capacity to bring life into this world.
He has his flesh and spirit to give.

Man ponders ‘why?’
He wonders, ‘who am I?’
He seeks order and meaning
Leave a man to think, and he will spend eternity in his head

There are two sides to life
chaos and order
meaningless and meaning
play and work
heart and head

Life cannot be known
She cannot be known

When man is ready to surrender his eternal quest to know, he may enter the heart of love and find his ‘why’ is anothers eye

man’s eternal quest to find his soul, is within him, but revealed through the mirror of another

this is his love

when he finds her, he will protect her and serve her as he recognizes he is one with her

he will lay down his life for her, and merge with her, and they will become one

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