(Free?) Writing Exercise

Estimated time to complete: 10 minutes – 300 Saturn years (approx. 29.5 earth years) – aka take as long as you need\

Instructions: Below are a series of words. Write the word on a piece of paper (or type), and then write your response.

Comments:- This exercise may be done as a free writing exercise, meaning as soon as you write the word, you write you reflection without pause. Free writing helps to create flow in the mind, move past judgement, and access different layers of the psyche – This exercise may be done as a contemplation. An option to practice contemplation meditation on the words rather than write about them.

– Or meditate on the words, then write your reflections. Then repeat every 29.5 earth years and see if anything has changed.

– Before beginning the exercise, center yourself by connecting with your breath and body. Maybe have a bath and clean any dirty dishes that may be in the sink. Smile, be at ease, and begin.

On Purpose:

– Purpose is your soul’s deepest yearning. The feeling of purpose in the body is aliveness, an openness in every cell to see and to serve. It can be frightening to find your purpose, especially when your life is currently not constructed around it. A mere dance with purpose will open you in ways only a lover had before, it can be frightening because you will be unsheathed and a primal urge may arouse you with a wild energy that you wrestle with…upon finding something so precious, you may be immediately aware what’s at stake in life. You may be intimated by the fear that to follow your bliss and to fail is worse than death. Or the presence of purpose may come on slow, your psyche is shy to admit its deepest yearning, like a guilty pleasure to be an erotic dancer when you are a straight edge banker. Purpose is the most addicting drug there is, the more you court her, the deeper you fall for her…the more time you spend in her, the more your body needs her, and rejects all others. She is the strange attractor calling your soul forward into the unknown. Will you dare to dance with her?
On Music:
– Music is the voice of God. It takes form like an emotional mist, capable of osmotically entering into every cell.

On Nature:

– Nature is devouring mother, and a loving mother. Nature is the reflection of the collective human psyche. Nature is a mirror. Nature is place to live and die. Nature is the cosmic womb. Nature is beyond good and evil. In a city, you have a name, fame, pride, blame…alone in nature, you are nothing. But not nothing is a dead way, you are nothing in nature, because you a free to be anything -this is the natural state of all-. Nature has no names nor borders, there are no trees separate from bees. All division lies in the mind of mankind. Nature is a sea, an ocean of trees, mountains of water, she is metaphor and prose, and she is the paper we write our story upon.
On Death:

– Death is the source of life. Marry death, and you be wed to the perfect marriage of opposites. To know death as your wife, is to realize the purpose of life. To keep a ring on your finger, a reminder of your relationship, is to live in the world as it is. To forget death in any moment, is to lose yourself in the dream. Keep her near and with you and meaning will drip from each moment. She cannot creep up on you if she is held in constant awareness. She cannot rob you of loved one’s if you know they are already gone.

On Love:

– Love is misunderstood. Love is a marriage, as much as it is a murder. – Love is.
On Art:

– Art is a direct seeing of the mind. Art is inspired action. Art is the perfect paradox of being simultaneously meaningless and meaningful. You are art. Art is beyond good and evil.

On Dance:

– Dance is what happens when all the galaxies and planets are perfectly placed in the cosmos to create the conditions for you to be in this body and to express the language of the soul in the freedom of your movements. Dance is what births universes.

On Laughter:

– Laughter is a type of orgasm. Laughter births universes. Laughter is the 6th love language.

On Self:

– The self is alpha and omega, beginning and end. Thus, the Self is all there is, it’s alexander the great conquering lands, as much as it is bill sitting on the toilet. It’s a passionate love affair, as much as it is a foot fetish. It is beyond good and evil. The Self finds expression through laughter, dance, art, and writing. All are eternal acts of the one infinite creator. The self is silly, sexual, sorry, and sad…simultaneously.


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