The Psychology of Evil – why understanding evil is the key to freedom
Eyes dilated; stapled open

Their soul’s ready: about to be freed from body

before the burning
Enlightenment: to see the light

Nazi’s murdered ~ 6

million humans In the Gulags…~ 12 million perished under Stalin’s wraith

The tortured body of the single child

Blood red: left for dead

Is enough to silence a good heart into sainthood
Only the naive and sheltered know not the presence of evil Though she slithers through time

Roman torture games

Black death plague

Rwanda genocide
The history of evil starts at the beginning

The story of evil, is ours

The force of evil lives on as it always has

The black sin of the devil’s bane that drove over 75 million human being to death in world war 2

Is you
It’s a part of you

And it’s a part of us

Let’s talk about it
Until we can see our shadow, we cannot know the light

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” We don’t become any brighter by focusing exclusively on the light; we become more fully alive by integrating dark and light, by embracing that which has been rejected.” -Jung

The roots of the tree grow deep down into the cold dark soil, without the depth, there can be no height. And so man is caught in an inescapable reality of dark and light, higher and lower, right and wrong. Each generation has their fight, their individual and collective battle for what is right.

Until one understands the mind of evil, there is a creeping fear lurking in the shadows Until one can stare unflinchingly into the eye that would stand to give orders for millions to die

They cannot see the world as it is

They are living in an illusion And they cannot be free from fear
A (wo)man that has not sufficiently seen their own evil, is a caged animal with a killer instinct

The cage is the dulled down way of living out of tune with the way nature – the world as it is-

Disrupt the society and the illusory bonds of the cage will be broken

And watch the superficial morality fall victim to animal nature

It’s not inevitable that we are to be wolves The spark of divine is the light within You cannot be free from fear until you know what haunts you

———- The psychology of evil ———-

In its darkest manifestation

Evil revels in painful penetration

The mind lives in the shadow of its unconscious When all is dark, nothing is seen right and there is no light or hope The soul is tethered by a strand, a shell of a human Without orientation and direction… they are lost Moral maturity and decency, is the realm of the conscious and evolving mind towards greater unity, awareness, and love Those who do not take the meaningful journey towards oneness, do what is expedient and in their own interests

Where love seeks life

Evil seeks to exterminate

Where love seeks joy

Evil craves to torture
There are those that wish to depopulate this planet There are those that want to murder children and drink their blood

And continue to have sex slaves

They harvest organs

They are ready to destroy everything beautiful
The force of evil that lives in these humans, is not new Look to the torture devices of the middle ages Or the days of Ghengis Kahn, who is estimated to have killed 40 million people

Read about Rasputin

Do not act like these atrocities aren’t happening If our civilization is to rise into its maturity it must deal with our darkness

And it must happen at the center of every heart
The force of evil is intelligent It craves control One could lose themselves for months reading of the horrors of emperors, military leaders, and kings

eugenics movements

population control

racism genocide

History is a pattern There is a psychology of evil

It wants power control



It seeks the upper echelons of society behind a black curtain
It is not a petty criminal Do not underestimate the dark force
Good natured people are often naive to evil They become prey to the predator Good natured people don’t seek power and control with the adrenaline fueled bloodlust that the force of evil inspires And so history is caught in a inescapable pattern of competing forces

It plays out of the world stage, but the battle is truly fought and won in the heart Know your nature And you cannot be deceived What we know in ourselves, we can see in others Seek to be strong and fearless, not secure

Why am I speaking of evil at a time like this? Because most people who have grown up in the western world have not bear witness to pure evil

Most have been exposed to petty evil Or desensitized to evil on their television

Most know evil as something long ago, or far away And not something living in their own heart or something that will effect them and their children playing out on the world stage

Most have not been tested Or tipped toed into the depths of their psyche to see what horrors they could commit
Most have not had to entertain moral dilemmas that push an individual to their moral maturity (thankfully)Would you kill to save your family? On what conditions? How far would you go… if your world fell apart …if your society crumbled…or if you were caught in war…given power…or been robbed of every decency and tortured

How then can you hope to understand people like Hitler? Manson? Mao?

How can you hope to understand how world war 1 and 2 happened?

How then can you understand the world?

Do you think we are not connected to our history?

Do you think the same force of evil does not lurk in the heart of every man and woman on this planet?

This is not us versus them, we are all one, and we all have a capacity for evil

Country leaders fall

Good men and women fall good

free societies fall
Our culture has long since killed God

With it sin and satan left too

Antiquated and polluted archetypes perhaps

But we have not killed evil
This is not to inspire fear It’s to be clear about the world we live in

And the nature of our heart There is nothing to fear, fear is a illusion

Danger is real

Evil is out there, and in here And so is the good and pure
Rest your strength and sight here

Keep your eye on what is right and true

Not to the degree of delusion

The only way to conquer fear, evil, and death is to meet it directly and consciously

Fear is unconscious It makes you controllable, like an animal

Consciousness is the light that dispels fear
When you feel fear creep near

Meet it with courage

And see that the snake, is but a rope in the shadows

The monsters are not under the bed
This is not rose gold, suffering is real

Witnessing death and disease happen

And love can meet you there This is not an antiquated idea
Love is a force far greater than any evil In the name love, you will rise Seek to know truth, even though it may take you to the valley of the shadow of death

You are the one you’ve been waiting for

You are not alone We are one And this battle will be won, In the hearts of all people

We are not free people in the world, until each heart is free of from fear

We are in process of freeing every living soul

Clearing the collective shadow and fostering a more enlightened society

May all beings be free from ill will

May all being be safe and protected

May all beings be loved

All my relations

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