ZK Alignment Coaching Process

– Your journey towards realization and dream manifestation
It’s my understanding that it takes a certain level of realization and evolution to clarify your vision in life. It then takes a dimension of devotion and discipline to that path to attain it. This process involves the gradual cultivation of your life force energies moving in alignment with your conscious intention.
I’ll define life force energies as the sum total of your energy outputs. Think of it this way, you receive a certain sum of energy from your food, breath, sunlight, etc. When you go to work, or to the gym, or make a decision, you spend a portion of your life force energy.
Because we are all born into unconsciousness we are instilled with a plethora of habits and routines that may or may not be serving your highest aims of evolution.
We leak our precious life force energy out in insidious ways as we get distracted by irrelevant news, commercials, ads, partially checking our social media etc.
But by the far the greatest energy leaks you need to control are associated with:
1. Your environment – the physical landscape and the people you associate with.2. Your fear, guilt, shame, low confidence, and other emotional states that prevent you from trusting your path, your truth, and your heart 3. Sexual desire 4. Appetites for pleasure and food 5. Disregard for the necessary requirements of keeping your body and mind healthy through – drinking, moving, breathing, and sleeping.
Without a certain level of mastery over the above, it is hard to direct your life force energy where you want them.
There is a great deal of unconscious conditioning for the above list, and some of the first stages of taking control of your life force is to slowly add consciousness into these areas.
There is also a great deal of unprocessed emotion that is often accumulated from early childhood that is involved in this conditioning
it has been my experience that a certain level of inner work and healing is needed to know oneself enough to have clarity on what you truly want. If one makes plans to early without shining a light on who they really are, they will soon realize they were only seeking an unconscious unmet need rather than their True North.
You don’t need to spend decades healing…unless you do. What is often needed is enough clarity in yourself, enough confidence, and enough control over your appetites and energy to move forward and develop a dream of sufficient magnitude.
in general, a dream made from unconscious desires and unmet needs seeks to fulfill the needs of the ego, whereas a conscious dream is made from the place of the heart and seeks to serve the earth or it’s people in some way unique to the individual’s gifts and greatest love.
The next step is moving out of the energies of the past and steering the life force energy towards evolution and dream creation. This is a process of continually adding conscious intention, discipline, and devotion to your chosen path.
As you continue to steer your life force energy into the future your remaining unconsciousness, unmet needs, and unprocessed emotion will often arise as barriers to your outward manifestation. That’s why it’s not necessary to do all your past healing before moving forward.
Over time your relationship with your environment, emotions, sex, food, pleasure, and body will evolve.
Possibly opening new dimensions of experience.. some may choose to re-examine and sanctify and re-explore all their previously unconscious acts with conscious intention…others will choose to abstain – or different parts of the journey may have different ways of relating.
At first it takes a certain level of will to steer your life force energies in the direction of your choosing. This is not the will of the ego, like the will people use to enforce a diet. This is the will of the heart and love -a much greater force.
There will be a phase where you dance between being alignment and out of alignment with your evolution, and you’ll develop a intuitive sense of direction and a deep trust within yourself.
After some focused time of discipline and devotion you’ll steer the majority of your life force energy in the direction of your own evolution and it will become easeful. Where at first you were swimming against a stream to get where you wanted, now your swimming with the stream.
I should also mention that it is possible for individuals to take this conscious evolution without aligning to the heart and serving the all. They chose (consciously or unconsciously) to serve themselves and their own needs and desires, and they may even master all their life force energies, making them powerful people in the world.
In my coaching system I borrow inspiration from the Yamas and Niyamas found in The Yoga Sutras, which in some ways amounts to internal and external values. I think of it this way, we have a nervous system that is our primary vehicle of conditioning our relationship with our internal and external world. The patterns of being and relating to self and other that we consciously instill are imprinted into our nervous system. Therefore, in my program it is essential that an individual commit to an internal and external set of values that will steer their conscious evolution. In my understanding its better to have good patterns instilled in the nervous system before gaining power. Evolution and development is not a rushed process.
I teach many powerful methods of breath and body, and have worked with many powerful plants and healers and I’ve learnt that you cannot rush your growth.
My program starts with finding what you love, developing a vision and values first, and then the primary vehicle of development is the stabilizing practices of yoga, qigong, and breathwork. They are the foundations of slowly regulating, rewiring and optimizing the nervous system.
Remember, it is a process. It is my experience that there seems to be a great rush to ‘get there’, ‘achieve’ and ‘attain’ ….I had it too. Until you get to a point where your energies are all moving where you want them to go, then I realized there’s no rush or destination. Be gentle on yourself. That does not mean don’t get started on your journey immediately and devote yourself to it, you life force is slowly dripping away, and every second counts…and yet, one must balanced that with the wisdom that nothing is done well, unless it is done right.
For those that are interested here is a rough lay out of my coaching process.
1. Develop and explore what you love. 2. Build a vision 3. Develop a purpose 4. Determine internal and external values
(the above are done in whatever capacity is available at the moment to give direction and a starting point, knowing that building a vision and purpose are continually changing affairs)
Assessments 1. Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual health2. holistic health: eating, drinking, moving, sleeping, breathing, thinking, etc 3. 7 chakra alignment 4. Yin and yang balance
Tools and practices
Evolutionary Flow – I teach a self developed system that combines various yoga, and qigong traditions, meditations, exercises fitness, breathwork and more.
development of a morning routine for daily conscious implementation..
in general 7 principles of daily morning routine are
1. Love2. Gratitude 3. Intention4. Breath5. Movement 6. Meditation 7. Creation
——-If your ready to commit to your journey towards dream manifestation message me or check out my many offerings such as 1 on 1 breathwork, workshops, and retreats at ZK alignment Coaching or on insta at @breathwithzac

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