Turning 30 – spirituality


What’s does being 30 years old represent and mean to you?

The generalized gathered significance I’ve been exposed to is that 30 represents a ‘getting real’.

The charm and exploration of the 20’s has petered out, and there is a call or cry to take stock

There is a great need to check one’s foundations

There is good reason to assess one’s current patterns and project their success into the future

this lands well with me I rest easy in my level of alignment I have spent my 20’s living well …

meaning I have had time to explore and find my love and passions, to have freedom and purposeless play, I have taken enough risks and made enough mistakes that I feel certain in my life.

I feel certain that I’m on my path.

I am certain that everyone in my life, and my current level of resources is exactly what I need to move to the next level.

I am certain that I have been guided here, and that I have put in the work to get here.

A general pattern I’ve witnessed is one of easing into intelligent action instead of effort and hustle balancing forces of outward action and inward reflection to create a steadiness that can be carried into old age

a flourishing of relationships, from deep friendships, family bonds, and business I am in tune with my guides, my highest self, and in loving communion with the all

By this time next year I will be sharing breath/tantra/yoga/qigong/meditation internationally, speaking at events, leading more developed retreats and trainings…finding new territory and optimizing old systems. I will have my book out, and my practice in Squamish will have stable roots, allowing for another 1.5 month pilgrimage to the forest to deepen my practices… and it’s just the beginning (*note these are a taste of my goals, there are more, with exact numbers – manifestation is a science)

I’m deeply blessed to be where I am and I am humbled to know I am just a *boop* in the orchestra of existence

I carry on the lineage of my family – I would be nothing without them I am nothing without those I serve, those who support me, follow me, and pray for me

I carry on lineages of yoga and breath, I have received it takes the entire cosmos to conspire to create me, I am nothing without the infinite everything it’s time to deepen my commitments and offer myself wholly to my path I surrender myself, taking these next few years in solitude and service

…just a vessel for a force far greater

the birth name is Zachary Pete Koop, son of Daryl and Julie Koop I have also been given the name Aya

it’s been a pleasure knowing you all allow me to reintroduce myself, not with another name but a whole new energy and intention, direction and dedication

I’m all in

may our meetings be a blessings to you

may my medicine I bring balance and awakening, healing and evolution

may I be humble and strong may I leader my life with love

it is done

and so it is

-book now below-


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