in my eye, authenticity is as pure love

it is rare

The current nature of experience that many individuals grow up with creates a lot artificial character

when you were born, you were free

a child is the most beautiful flower in all of existence

through the development process that most move through in this human experience, a child is taught … how to act, what to believe, what is true, how to thrive under the current sociopolitical structures

layer after layers of patterning is instilled into the child’s nervous system

ways of moving, breathing, speaking, acting, and doing it is well, some level of basic conditioning is part of the developmental process

the next step is to unravel all the faulty layers of self and come back in contact with one’s true essence …their original nature, their authentic self

years of conditioning and influential environments create barriers

poor methods and a lack of awareness of this basic process keeps many asleep that they are moving away farther and farther

they are moving from their center

becoming more lost and disconnected from their heart

out of alignment with their gifts and purpose

guided perhaps by fear, or pressure

in Zen, they have many methods of creating ones -beginner mind-

an emphasis on spontaneity

extreme measures of meditation

it is a like a dance ask most people to dance they won’t know how to move

they will seek to create a movement pattern that is orderly… or one that looks appealing to the outside ..they may be stunted sitting in front of a blank piece of paper and not knowing what or how to draw

as if creating and dancing had a right and wrong way

to authentically dance is to move from ones center

it is to move freely however it looks is not necessarily concerning…it is an uprising of an internal feeling

though pockets of ecstatic and free movement are alive.. the vast majority of people have lost the ancient art of dance and it has devastating effects on society

for a person is ripe to become sick when they stop singing, dancing, and telling stories

when a person has lost contact with their center they are ripe to become off balance

they are guided by forces outside themselves

they may fear being controversial or trigger people or being fired or being judged or even judging themselves ..

.the poison is vile and yet, in truth.. all of these seeming barriers to authenticity aren’t actually of concern for the one who knows themselves and acts from a place of inner stillness

it takes a level of surrender

of turning within with breath and meditation

then every seeming barrier disappears and a path appears

a mythical and poetic path of being in the world

one that is resonant with truth and an openness to life

there is an authentic flowering of emotion and inspired action guides one in a magical way

the path is a great mystery and home is never out of reach

this is the science

I teach authenticity and techniques of turning within to find center

i use the breath, the secret that is right under everyone’s nose

i have walked this road, and my very nature expounds it

it is an honour to share my heart, and if your ready to come in greater contact with yours, the path is available visit:

Book Now:

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