Sexual energy is creative life energy

Please understand this, every feeling or sensation that you have experienced from an external stimulus can be created within

Whether we are talking about a high from a drug, an orgasm during sex, or love

I practices I teach guide you to master yourself

Sexual energy management is poor in our culture

It is often unconscious

Sexual energy is creative energy – it can be used to create pleasure, babies, and it can be circulated through the body and utilized for healing and higher brain states

It depends on energy circulation

I teach pranayama, kriyas, and mantras that help to open the body and its energetic channels to circulate the sexual energy for conscious will and intention

I have reached a level of mastery in these techniques and it’s an honour to share

Imagine being able to arouse your body’s sexual centers without physical stimulation by another or yourself…the sexual energy works on contraction and release …learning to master your sex energy centers is a simple process of learning to build a mind body connection with the respective area, then creating energetic pathways with breath and movements to circulate the energy.

My events and 1 on 1’s can teach anyone to learn

Imagine being able to orgasm and circulate the feel good cheicals of sex while waiting in line

Your whole life will change

Your whole energy will change

Your level of manifestation and creative out-put will change

The secrets lie within

Book Now:
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