3 Keys to a Successful Partnership

3 Keys to a Successful Partnership

Are you looking to create a beautiful and lasting partnership?

Here are 3 aspects that create the space for love to be carried through the ages and stages of life


Tantric Sensuality




Let’s start with adventure, as all relationships do. Attraction is poised on the excitement of the unknown, and the getting to know another. In the beginning, there is effortless thrill, and the air of expectation is not there. You are free to dive into the abyss. You are free to fall head over heels into the heart of another. As your relationship develops there will be a sense of habituation. I see love as grace, at first it is a gift, and the fire of love must be tended to. It’s flame renewed by continually offering yourself. Renewing your vows of adventure is as much as external affair as an internal one. Adventure may manifest as taking on new life challenges together, revitalizing the journey through life and diving into the unknown. Equally important is your continued journey to know and uncover layers of yourself, and with every new unfolding of yourself, fresh eyes to see and fall in love with your partner in a never-ending cycle of creation, maintenance, and destruction. Key points:- Continually offering yourself to love- Moving into the unknown adventure with your partner- Continually uncovering new layers of yourself to see the world and your partner with virgin eyes


Tantric Sensuality

The great play of opposites creates attraction, and it is through opposites and attraction that the dance of love forms. Eroticism, sex, and cuddling are all aspects. You are deep, infinitely deep, and your love and desire, fantasy and the creation thereof is never ending. Again and again there is a call to unravel layers of yourself and find new expression. Be a lover of the ages, and with the various stages of your life come to find new ways of loving your partner, and being loved. Play with various roles, fantasies, and exploration. Let there be a lightness in your love, that is open and un-judging. Try something out of your comfort zone, and learn from tantric masters and other mentors. It is not wrong to make love in 20 minutes, but if you have not made love over several hours, I am not certain you have ever truly made love. On another note, you can only love and express your love to the depth in degree you know it within yourself. A continual theme that will be highlighted in love, continue to grow and expand in all ways, for all of your days.


Intimacy is perhaps the most sacred way of connecting. When the body tires and the adventures lessen in the outer realms, the sexual hormones and longings will fade, what remains is your emotional closeness, communication, conflict management, and your capacity to enjoy the sweet silence shared between two lovers. The development of intimacy is only available for a partnership willing to see the light and the dark within. The continuing of intimacy is renewed only through continual self-awareness. True intimacy comes from trust, faith, and a deep love. To know someone, you must first know yourself. Love is the bridge between two hearts, if your heart is guarded, then the bridge is barriered. You must tear down every wall that you have erected against love to know love. Intimacy is the gentle softening of these walls, like the river that erodes the mountain, the waters of love will dissolve everything that stands against love, until you and your partner are but one ocean. Dissolved in union.

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