What is your highest?

  • Highest referring to your greatest, or supraordinate

What is your highest value?

What is your highest purpose?

What is your highest intention?

What is your highest principle?

What is your highest conception of the ultimate reality, or God?

Identifying your highest allows you to orientate towards it.

If you had a choice (and you do), would you choose to be your greatest? If you have this life to live, do you wish to live from your highest purpose?

Before I devoted my entire energy towards my highest purpose and aspirations, I was comfortable. I got by just fine in life, and the majority of the time I was satisfied.  But that satisfaction failed to light my fire through challenge. At times when my life was threatened and I was able to sit with reality, I saw my dissatisfaction.  For many people, a lifetime of being comfortable and not trying will only be brought to light upon their deathbed. For it is at the end of our lives when we truly feel if we have lived totally. It is a self-judgement, you will have to look upon your creation, and ask, is it well with my soul? 

After I devoted myself.

I started every morning and every evening to meditate on my highest. To connect with my highest source, purpose, and intention and allow it to lead action. In the morning and before bed are two pivotal points of influence for the subconscious mind.  It takes work to discover ones highest, and to orientate towards it.  It is always shifting, and it takes a degree of balance to maintain alignment.  It takes an increasing level of consciousness, and the knowledge that there is no completion.

 A continual checking in is necessary.

At first it was mighty effortful to redirect all the energy I had been spending on things that did not matter. The body and mind must be contended with.  The body often chooses what is easeful, and the mind is easily distracted. The body and mind require a certain regulation and direction from a higher principle or spirit. When one learns to repeatedly go beyond the body and mind they connect with their highest. 

The highest principle organizes the mind and body.  It rewires the subconscious and makes manifest one’s dreams, instead of their fears.  Once their energy is brought into order and direction, then it is akin to riding a bike when the effort of learning turns into the ease of simply biking.  There is still a continual effort needed to keep the bike moving, and you will want to go faster and faster…but it is easeful and enjoyable, and each day you will be growing stronger.

If a highest principle and standard is not set, organizing principles will not be enforced. Then the mind and body is apt to choose pleasure over discomfort.  When the mind is organized with a purpose and mission, it walks equally towards pleasure or discomfort and follows the path towards its dream. It is through this discipline that the cycle of avoiding pain and seeking pleasure is transcended. When one creates their dream, and if it is their highest calling, it is their greatest gift to give. If someone is living and making choices based on what is most pleasurable for themselves, they are caught within themselves. When they have set a standard to live their purpose, and be their best self, then they have gone beyond themselves….they continually go beyond themselves, they become boundless and powerful, and they offer this power, this energy, to the collective.

The path in is the way out.

Find your greatest love, find your purpose and greatest gift to give. Then offer your life to your love, and you will receive everything. When you live in this way you set a standard, and new energy will awaken from within you.  The door of heaven will open and a synchronistic pathway, or hero’s journey will ensue. 

It is a vital time to find one’s greatest truth.  For there is much chaos and muck in the waters these days. In the mist of the lies there is just fog to see outside. There is a call for individuals  to turn within and to empower themselves to live their highest principles. These are polarizing times, defining times, and an age where rapid evolution and acceleration is possible for those who are ready to live totally.

We are all in this together, and I’m dedicated to sharing the practices I use every day to evolve my nervous system and master this life.  Let’s connect and share some breathwork, yoga, qigong, dance, martial arts, knowledge, and co-create the world that is in alignment with our highest.

Much love

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