Energetic dynamics denotes the unseen or subtle exchange that occurs in a realm beyond the 5 senses.
Learning the underlying energetics of your interactions teaches a deeper awareness of the dance of matter and energy -the two fundamental aspects of existence-

I am going to be briefly covering the following topics:

1. Emotional
2. Mental/thinking
3. Moving
4. Breathing
5. Sleeping
6. Eating
7. Financial

Intro – the human energy matrix

“The physical body and the perceptions that are received through the 5 main sense organs presents a slice of reality.”
Readers will be familiar that we have both a physical body of tissues and an energy body that is known as the nervous system. The nervous system is an aspect of your energy body, which extends far beyond the body in its range through its electromagnetic field of influence. For example, your heart creates is an electromagnetic field generator expounding a field of energy that extends several feet in all directions.

Further, there are also subtle energetic centers or vortex’s of energy that run through and beyond the central channel of your spine. It is important to note that the physical regulation and manifestation of your body, and by extension anything on the physical comes from the subtle to the gross; from energy to matte; from thoughts to feelings to physical sensations. The root is the mind -there are various levels of mind from subconscious to supraconscious, but those won’t be covered here, let us keep it simple.

Let us start with the energy of emotions.


The word emotion denotes energy in motion.

Every emotional state has a corresponding way the energy flows through your being and body. For example, positive emotions are often uplifting or expanding, such as the way a smile causes your lips and face to arise, and your body sense to become lighter. Whereas negative emotional states cause a downward movement of energy and contraction. Positive and negative here do note denote a moral judgement of right or wrong, they simply present two polarities. The distinction I’m making is that sadness is not bad, nor are you wrong to feel sadness. It is important to be clear on this distinction because energy awareness and management is optimized when we are not repressing or avoiding particular states and clinging to others. This creates a non-judgmental way of interfacing with our own energy and emotion which allows for the natural flow of energy (emotions) to move through us and share their wisdom.

The energy body that is influenced by emotions is a system that runs most effectively when it is clear. A clear emotional state and a clear emotional body refers to an openness to feel the present moment as it unfolds, without any blockages in one’s emotional field – the literal field of energy that is being generated by the human energy matrix-. Your emotional body runs through your entire body and around it. You feel emotions on through your entire body and being -when you allow it-.
One can check in to see if their emotion state is clear be assess their breath, how they feel, and how open they are to feel the highs and lows of life.

Emotional body awareness and keys to health:

– Feel and move your whole body every day to create good conditions for the flow and energy and emotion

– Intelligent exercise that moves the 6 major energetic zones of the body promotes optimal emotional regulation (legs, pelvis, core, chest (and arms), neck, and head)

– Make time to sit in silence and feel…whatever arises with love and without judgement ..this will help to decondition the preference to feel positive emotions and avoid negative emotions

– Breathing and breathwork is intimately related to your mental-emotional state, proper breathing and making time to build a relationship with the breath is important for emotional balance – more on that in the breathing section.

– Balancing the 4 elements. The 4 elements (earth, wind, water, and fire) are the fundamental energies of creation. On an energetic and vibratory level these elements make up your body and your energy field will become balanced when exposed to these elements in the environment or by using shamanic and/or breathing techniques that balance these energies (example see my post on 5 elements breathing). To work with the 4 elements, simply have them in your presence. Sit with a fire or candle. Be in or near water or take a shower. Be in the mountain air, or outside where the air is clear. Be barefoot and connected to the earth. These acts will all regulate your emotional field and will do much to work on the health of your body mind and soul.

– Be aware of your emotional state through the day, and when your interacting with people, sense and tune into how you or they are feeling. You’ll be surprised how much you can be aware of. If you think about it, this energy exchange of our emotional field is always happening, it just depends on how aware we are of it.

– To best feel your subtle body and the energy of emotions a light diet, or fasting does aid in the process.

– Try and clear your emotional body every day and as soon as you feel congested by utilizing movement and breath to shift your state – dance, yoga, sing, chant, run, work out, shower, cold-plunge, etc
End of part 1

Part 2 – Mental/Thinking Energy regulation – coming soon

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