Blessed new year
Tremendous shifts have happened

My prayer for all people is to simply be mindful – be present in your body, with your feeling, and with your mind, and with the ever-changing mental states
The ascension process on the level of the personal and collective is spiraling and expanding energy…the force and rate of expansion has created enough inertia that there will be less ‘doing’ of inner work….that is to say, less effort…more and more the process will be a simple allowing. Which gives the opportunity for all people to move into a greater state of being….without needing to ‘do’ anything, each individual consciousness is rapidly processing their karma and the clear channels and bodhisattvas are holding the space for this process to happen with ease.

More than ever, mass amounts of individuals have moved out of mind, out of the past, out of memory and story, and into the present moment. They are thus attuning to truth, and they are at a level of presence in the present moment creating consciousness that though they have karma, their life circumstance are no longer guided by karma, they are essentially above karma, they are free to create in the present…. there will still be a releasing of their karma, but on an effortless level of being. These individuals and their field of consciousness -not being tethered to the personal mind and body- are expanding, they are expanding their field of love and truth, these expanding fields of love and truth create the divine space for others who are less far on the way to have an effortless space to release their karma.

More and more, individual consciousness will expand, and many of you are tuning more and more into the consciousness of the earth, and becoming channels for the collective to release.

Enough beings have made the complete ascension that they are now forming a strong energetic grid, like how one creates an energetic grid with crystals. There was a time when we relied on the earth’s energetic vortex’s to spiritually evolve – these are where the major spiritual sites such as a the pyramids are- now, individuals carry the same energetic potential and they are walking spiritual cathedrals…

At one time in our evolution we built temples, now we are truly awakening and being the divine temple. ….Because the individuals who are further along in their ascension are great in numbers and are connecting to other individuals what will happen is that they will create swirling vortex’s of awaking energy by holding a level of divine connection, faith, and truth in their field.

Though much is still to come in the clearing process, there is certainty that ALL BEING ARE SAVED. I intuit that even those who pass on in the near future, although they may not have realized their full enlightenment, they won’t have to fully reincarnate because the collective field created by all the bodhisattvas that are on this planet will carry them to the light.

Within our lifetime – time is going to become more and more meaningless- all beings will realize their highest enlightened self. Every individual will move through a process wherein all their energetic centered are opened and cleared and the divine light will purify every being…. At a level of energy and light each individual will activate their light body and spirit body. When one activates their energy body they will gain greater access to their spiritual skills, such as being able to tap into the akashics. Their soul blueprint, and the archetypes they need to evolve through will become realized, and they will move through it at an accelerated rate. Many individuals will have an increased amount of spiritual experiences that will expand their consciousness all the way to divine light, which will then anchor an aspect of their consciousness at this level of light, and then their innate intelligence will align them at an accelerate rate towards this direction. It’s like downloading a road map towards evolution into unity consciousness.

When individuals live and operate in their light body they alter how they communicate with the world and with themselves. Ordinarily (on the physical plane) communication through language is course and is a poor way to express truth and feelings….when individuals are connected at the level of energy and light, their entire beings can communicate, without words….something important here is that information exchange among their DNA will take place. So not only will each individual evolve their own DNA, they will begin to tap into the collective pool of DNA of other beings…giving a capacity to download new skills, talents, and capacities, without training….this is the level of effortless and non-doing I was speaking of in the beginning. As this process continues and we become less identified with our individual body, more and more we will dissolve our separate consciousness and eventually we will dissolve our bodies and enter one consciousness with the earth. At that point, the collective memory and intelligence of every being on this earth will synthesize, accelerating evolutionary expansion through non-linear timescales.
A few points to touch on….

It’s good to find where your at. There are various levels of enlightenment as you move through the primary 8 chakras, and into the higher dimensional chakras. It is good to find individuals who are at a high level of enlightenment who can help you accelerate, download, and integrate at a high level. At a certain point of divine alignment your individual energy is fully guided by spirit, which will allow for a effortless being. You will no longer need to worry about abundance, your relationships will flourish, your work will be needed and you will be effortlessly employed by spirit, your heart will expand and expand, you will begin to speak your truth and it will make it to those who need to hear it, and your intuitive understanding in each unfolding moment will allow you to not have to use your mind to plan projected futures, but rather you will simply walk the world at a level of faith and the path will unfold with each step you take. It is going to become more and more clear that each individual is being carried by spirit, and it will free up all the energy each individual was pouring into ‘doing’ things for money, or to meet their unmet needs, their cup will be filled with spirit and they will walk a divine path. By walking in absolute faith, truth and love, you hold this level of consciousness in your field.

Even once you have become enlightened (at whatever stage), it is important to note that the learning and lessons of existence still come. Though your actions and alignment will offer much in the way of clarity and support, there will still be choices, there will still be the cultivation of spiritual values, and there is much to experience. To become fully self-realized one will have to experience all levels of their being.

There are many individuals who are still early in their evolution, and though they are travelling at an accelerated rate, their rate of expansion relative to some beings on this planet is drastically different. What I have felt in my own body and being is a rapid acceleration of energy to create my shift, and now a full integration into my body.
This level of integration allows me to be simultaneously in my highest centers, but fully embodied in my lower chakras at a level of calm being. I no longer need to do work to ‘raise’ my energy, my process has shifted from no longer being a personal ascension, it is now about being a bodhisatvas and my breath and body is sustained in this realm till all beings have reached enlightenment. I have felt the shift in my body and because I channel and feel the collective, I know that many others have also made this transition. Which means new waves of light workers are becoming beacons with absolute clarity and divine direction, their words, actions, and medicine is now carried by angels and will reach those it needs. They too are also at a level of integration of beingness wherein they are calm and assured. This is a beautiful way to hold space for others.
I have seen visions that I, along with many others will be orchestrating massive gathering of collective healing. In 2021 I will be offering a variety of planet medicines in combination with dance, movement, meditation, and breath practices. The size and scale of these offering is going to increase, and I appreciate those who have reached out for collaboration, and I’m still open to continue to make connections. I have taken my body bodhisattva vows, and they are no longer something I have to consciously and effortfully repeat, I have integrated them into my subconscious and now they are operating at a level of my being. That is to say, I have committed my existence to freeing all beings, and I will go where spirit moves me, I am guided by the breath, and its an honour to be with you in these times.

I thank you for listeningI thank you for being hereI thank great spirit I connected to the sacred directions and offer my life as a prayerI love you

– Aya – ZK

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