These words are musings on truth…I am writing them to assess their level of truth as I express them and feel them through the felt-sense of their harmony in my being, and by the response by my larger body (the reader)Let’s dive right into an expanded view of the human-energy-matrix.

Your larger being proper is geometric, and thus there are layers above and below. Higher and lower selves, and their unity.

1. Supraconscious – beyond the bodymind, connected and associated with unity consciousness/god

2. Conscious mind – the consciousness most people operate in through the 5 senses

3. Subconscious (personal and collective) – personal and collective programmed patterns of being and relating, phobias, likes, dislikes, attractions, aversions etc.

4. Unconscious (personal and collective) – a deeper well-spring of archetypal energies and universal symbols, etc

At varying levels of analysis, these 4 structures are found in your body…

1. In the structure of your nervous system (brain and spinal cord proper)

2. In your structure of your body

3. In the structure of the universe

The four layers from supra to unconscious represent evolution, form unconscious matter, reptile, human, to God…. These are all found in the structure of the brain at the level of spinal cord, reptilian brain, limbic, and higher cortical brain, and at the level of your body…your body, referring to different aspects of your bodymind (they are one structure) wherein much of the unconscious and subconscious is stored in the lower body, the conscious in the head, and the supraconscious just beyond the head extending into the ethers and eternity

Most people’s consciousness and awareness resides primarily in the conscious mind. Though, in each moment, even if we are experiencing a particular aspect of our being, we are the whole, and thus, all layers from unconscious to supraconscious will affect your reality. But we do cycle through all stages every day, and in EVERY breath cycle (inhale to exhale), most people, most of the time are just not conscious of each part of the cycle.

Note: this is a particular framing and articulation of the states of consciousness we experience, here is another…In yoga the Om, or AUM (A-U-M) represent 3 states of consciousness: A = waking (conscious), U = dreaming (subconscious), and M = deep sleep (unconscious)When chanting AUM…. The “a” is a vibration that begins low In the body and in its vibratory tone, the “u” in the middle body, and the “m” is in the head…the proper chant is followed by silence after speech, the silence represent supraconsciousness, it is simultaneously the entire sound of AUM and the void for which it takes place in.

Once again we find the hierarchical nature and structuring of the states of consciousness represented in the body and being, and this time with a simple technique.[transition]In Kriya yoga, and with the breathwork I teach, the practices utilize the breath as a means of self-realization – becoming conscious of your entire being, unconscious to supra- through technique. By learning the practices I teach one will gain conscious access to all levels of their MIND, MIND in all caps denotes the great mind that spans all the 4 levels of consciousness, differentiated from the small mind, of the personal consciousness.

What lies within the pathway of Kriya yoga and breathwork?

Access to the subconscious systems that are creating the conditions of your life. And a capacity to rewire and rewrite all conditioned circuits with your conscious will.Access to the active archetypal energies that are being expressed in your being in this lifetime.

Access to heightened supraconscious states, with energy and information from all parts of the universe.An intimate understanding of your body and being, your soul blueprint, and a moment to moment connection to your soul and source.It is all through the breath, which is the vehicle your consciousness can ride into the highs and lows of your being. How deep or high you go depends on your willingness to turn within and perform the internal actions to bring more of your expression online and into actuality.

Kriya yoga is an internal science of the soul.In you, all there is to be known, and can be known…the way has be directly under your nose your entire life.

Breathwork is the direct path towards realization. It not a religion, it asks you to believe nothing, the truth is transmitted directly through the experience of breathing, nothing here need be believed, only the practiced need to be done. Breath is the source of original teachings, before Jesus, Buddha, before Gita, and Koran. It is your source for the direct experience of truth, not through any source or book, but felt in your own being, rippling through every cell. When the true breath has penetrated every cell of your being, realization is yours.

Cycling back to the 4 cycles and the idea that we go through them every day, and in every breath cycle. As the breath comes in, goes down, turn around, and comes back up, it touches every layer of your being…. From supra consciousness (god) to the unconscious. By learning to consciously breath and concentrate on the breath as it goes in and out and cycles around, we can learn to maintain consciousness through the cycles, the practice begins by simply watching the breath, and at a certain level of mastery an individual becomes conscious even while sleeping. For it is the body that sleeps, consciousness continues to cycle.

The breathing practices I share are not complex, and do not involve complex patterns of yoga asana movements which can be intimidating, and aren’t necessary for accessing all layers of consciousness. They do however require proper instruction and guidance, but they are open and available for all people.

For further questions or to book a 1 on 1 visit my for my book now app, or my website.

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