If you have a sweet one in your life……..Do you know what I mean by sweet one?…

Your love, your dear, the one you keep nearest to your heart…

The one you start…Your day with.

Whether your near or far

Your sweet one is quite literally the one who delivers you sweetness

You taste her on your tongue

Her words and phrases sometimes even slip out of your mouth

Your sweet one is not yours in a possessive sense.

But in the way that I am yours, and you are mine, and in love that’s just fine

Your sweet one is a not a permanent stay in the play of energy and matter

So please, for heaven’s sake take time to sit and reflect on what a precious gift she is

When she is near, drink her in

Taste her beauty, for she is a goddess that loves you

If this is true, bow and offer her your love’s offerings

If you have a sweet one …Hear her

See herKnow her

Show her everything that you are

Let her love every piece of you and she will hold you in wholeness

If you have a sweet one …Express!

Not to impressBut to allow…to allow your innermost dimensions to surface and be free

Let her see all sides

There is nowhere to hideIf the love is true, love will be around every corner

She will be with you as you turn within, as you are for her

Together you will face life’s challenges

Your sweet one, is also Kali the destroyer

When you and her are together, there is nothing you cannot weather

A bond of faith, built in the trust of loveIf you have a sweet one

Don’t hold back your tears… you are here to be whole and human

Balanced in softness and hardness, you don’t need to be stuck playing roles

Don’t hold back your fears

She can read lies, even the one’s you keep from yourself

If the love is true, you will be each others pure mirror

If you have a sweet one, never lose contact with first sight

Meaning, never see her in the past, and think you know her

See her in each moment as a mystery to be discovered, and your love will blossom every day

Upon each day, if you have a sweet one, give thanks!

Let love rise up from within and move you!

Make love to her with your body, mind, and soul

Leave no cell unused, invite pleasure into the deepest parts of your collective being

Your collective body of love, is one

If you have a sweet one, drink her, even when she is bitter

And learn to love it

And you will be free

Love is the most precious gift, and I have never met a human who could fully grasp just how precious it is

It is an endlessly well of water that will quench lifetimes of thirst you never knew you had

She is here today, and in a moment gone from this realm

Leaving a trace on your tongue

Bitter sweet

Know that if your love is pure, that it will destroy you when she is gone

So allow yourself to go beyond time and reflect often on what it means when she is gone

Little by little it will tear you apart before you are apart

It is akin to accepting dying before you die, then you may truly live in liberation…to live in liberation is to keep the presence of death eternally near

So too, keep the impermanence of your sweet one near

If you are true in your meditation, small arguments and disturbances in love will be swept away in the presence of eternity

When you realize the preciousness of the gift you have received in your sweet one’s eyes, you will know you are eternally blessed, and liberation is yours.

If you have a sweet one

Then have faith that love is true

If it is for you, it is for all people

If you have a sweet one

She is the door to the divine

Your story is a sacred prayer

A sweet meditation

If you have a sweet one, an encouragement to love her today, in your own unique wayTell her the words only you can say

Sing her the song that only you two know the tune too

This life is so short

So precious

Let love move you today

And all of your days

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