Loving Meditation – Transform your life.

This technique is one of 112 techniques given in Tantra.

“Look lovingly at an object. Do not go to another object. Here in the middle of the object – the blessing”.

This technique is known as a centering technique. In that it helps you find your center. It is easy in the world of today to be pulled away from our center, there is much distraction, and we are often busy.

This technique is a meditation, but it can be practiced wherever.

Simply look lovingly at an object (or person), and allow yourself to shift.

Witness yourself.
Witness how your state changes as you deepen your loving.

See how your relationship with the object changes, even if it is stapler or a flower. See how it gains significance.

It is a beautiful meditation to reveal if we are being loving in our day.

It is a beautiful meditation to practice unconditional love for all people and things.

It is a beautiful meditation to increase gratitude.

In many… there is an unconscious tendency to see the world as objects, objects that are simply tools for use. This is a left brain way of discerning, the switch to viewing the world with love transitions one from doing into being (right brain). When loving an object is practiced well, the love is unconditional…to love is to love, there is no condition…there is no judgement on how valuable the tool is, or how beautiful the person is…

This meditation rewrites the program of seeing the world through the self and what objects offer you for your gain, and it teaches to see the world with love.

Love and not lust.
Love and not personal gain.

It is quite remarkable.

I have practiced it with my ordinary dishes, I have practiced it with my toilet. They were once objects with little significance in my life, though vital for my every day goings and comings…and through love I have learned to appreciate them. By focusing on one object (ei. The dish), I shifted my state and started to love all the little objects in my home.

There was a tendency to name them, to build a relationship with them that honoured them and their place in my life, I can now no longer simply see my dish as a dish, my dish is now a part of me.

Yes, I realize how that may sound to some…
Would you not want to feel connected in a loving way to all objects? My plate holds a temporary place in my life, it is momentary in eternity, and I recognize it has value in my life, and I am enriched for knowing it.

The dish has always been apart of my life, but my relationship to it has been one of disregard to the degree I had not recognized its importance in my life, I had not considered it has a life of its own, with many individuals who have helped produce it, and this moves back in time to an inventor of the plate.

Have you noticed, that when you love something, you are sensitive to it and anything simular… for example…if you love interior design, you gain an eye for design, and when you walk in a home you notice all the subtle details no one else sees. So too, with all the things you deem valuable in your subconscious, your mind will reveal them to you. Or how when you love to play the piano, you deepen your love for all pianist, not just the professionals, but those who are just beginning too.

Now yes, it is possible to love interior design and walk around hating all the ‘poorly’ decored homes…this is not that.

This is learning to see objects, concepts, and people with love, regardless of how they are. This is subconscious reprogramming.

In the above example of interior design, that individual acquired a subconscious program that deemed interior design as important and thus their brain became heightened towards it…neurologically the brain will change, certain areas in the temporal lobes and other will become denser and increase your sensitivity towards interior design.

Tantra is a science. A science that takes ordinary things like sex, or laughter, or having an eye for design…and looks at the mechanism and develops a techniques that utilizes the benifits for conscious growth.

Tantra recognizes we can look lovingly at an object and it will transform…transform not only the object, but the seer of the object- quite literally restructuring the brain and changing hemispheric dominance(from left brain dominant to high hemispherical communication, and/or a shift to right brain dominance)..but most importantly, changing the subjective state of the seer.

One can transform their entire world by transforming their inner being. When one meditates on an object in love, they become love…and they may then begin to see their whole world through new eyes, through loving eyes.

I may then go to your home and love your plates. And your toilet (haha).

To deepen this meditation take time with the object.

Whether it be a person or object.

If it is a person, whether you already love them, or do not love them, this will be transformative.

Ordinarily we do not take the time to deeply go into love as a meditation.

You may need to ask permission form your lover, or a stranger… but I encourage you to do it… I have guided this in group sessions and it is beautiful.

Simply look lovingly at a person, and the meditation is to go deep within the object and yourself. Do not stay on the surface of your being… look within, look with love… and see what arises…. love transcends barriers… the ones that ordinary separate the subject and object… through love, the boundries dissapear.

You’ll be surprised what comes out of your subconscious…perhaps unloving thoughts will come to the surface to be purified in love.

Perhaps resistances to love will be witnessed.

Perhaps a deep well-spring of emotion will flow out and will enrich you and all you meet.

When you feel love, and for some it may be difficult at first… the meditation is to center in on it and maintain it.

See how long you can walk through the world loving all objects…. see how it changes your behaviour and how you see and even handle those objects.

It is a way of making the world sacred. This is a tantric transformation. The world will not change. . The plate will be the same plate it always was…but your being will have changed, and thus your whole world will shift.


Bonus: things I have practiced this meditation with:

  • instagram and Facebook
  • money
  • my body
  • my food
  • my struggles
  • a note on struggles… a struggle is something that holds a negative charge, by loving it we neutralize it and see it for what it is. The struggle can be particualr thoughts, or say a hefty unexpected bill

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