Couples Intimacy Session – Dynamic Meditation

Introduction to Couples Intimacy Session.

This Meditation is for:

  • Clearing blockages between partners
  • Increasing connection
  • Opening up to one another in a safe way

This meditation asks:

  • Each partner hold the space for one another
  • Each partner commit to holding a non-judgmental and loving awareness
  • Each partner be committed to letting go and releasing

This meditation has 6 parts:

  1. Awareness – Mindful witnessing
  2. Voicing – Dyad
  3. Connecting – Conscious Connected Breathwork
  4. Releasing – Breathwork and movement
  5. Loving – Wholeness meditation
  6. Celebrating – Dancing


  • Each section should last 10, 15, or 20 minutes, thus set aside the appropriate amount of time
  • Prepare your mind to enter into the process and eliminate distractions
  • Have a timer prepared or a soundtrack to keep the process flowing without interruption
  • You will be sitting with one another, it would be good to sit on a pillow and be cross legged

Meditation Follows:

Step 1: Awareness – Mindful witnessing

  • Sit approx.. 1 m apart, or about the length of a yoga mat
  • Mindful witnessing involves staring at the tip of the nose
  • Be aware of your breath, body sensations, emotions, and mental activity
  • Have a non—judgmental and loving awareness
  • Sit for the whole time without speech.


  • Step 1 focuses on becoming aware of what is moving through one’s mental-emotional field of awareness. It gathers the attention inward, and each individual can tune into their own field and get clear on what is coming up for them in the moment.

Step 2: Voicing – Dyad

  • Move closer together, a few feet, or just beyond arms length
  • Each partner will take turns speaking for 5 minutes continuously, while maintain eye contact
  • Maintain non-judgmental and loving awareness
  • While one partner speaks, the other simply holds the space, observing without reaction – neutral face-
  • Things that the partners may choose to speak to: anything that they want to be heard, blockages they are having within themselves, voicing concerns, etc.


  • Being heard and seen is integral to emotional connection. This portion of the process allows each partner to express what is on their mind, and be assured it will heard and met with love. The partner is given no chance to respond, or to solve the issue, only to listen. If they maintain a loving and non-judgmental awareness, the information will be received on a deeper level and build trust.

Step 3: Connect – Conscious Connected Breathwork

  • The partners can maintain the same distance, or move closer, or one partner may even choose to sit on the other with legs wrapped around.
  • Maintain eye contact, or close eyes and put foreheads together
  • Conscious connected breathwork involves connecting your breath so that there is no pause between inhale or exhale. Option to breath gentle and calm, or deep and fast.
  • It is important to be aware of your body, especially your heart, and to connect with your partners heart and breath.
  • If any triggers or dense emotions came up during the last section, this section should be used to clear those and come back to love


  • Conscious Connected Breathing helps clear emotions blockages, improves body connection, expands electromagnetic field, and can enhance intimacy and feeling
  • The previous section may have brought up some triggers, this section re-connects the couples and gives opportunity to clear those blockages and meet each other in love.

Section 4: Release – Chaotic breathing and shaking

  • Breath out and in fast and deep – chaotically
  • Shake the body and exhaust yourself
  • Breathing through nose, mouth, nose-mouth, mouth-nose… it does not matter
  • *Become a witness of your body, an un-identified observer – allow the process to happen naturally without control or force


  • This portion clears blockages and shifts the state of the individuals

Section 5: Loving – Wholeness Meditation

  • Sit close together so that knees touch …place hands either palms up, or hold hands if that is comfortable
  • Open your heart
  • You can use this visualization, Begin by becoming aware of the center of your chest and the feelings of love your have for your partner. As you inhale, visualize a field of love expanding and wrapping around your partner.
  • This visualization is not necessary, you can do this section with eyes open, but focus on the feelings of love you have for your partner
  • Stay connected to your center, while also connecting with their heart
  • Synch breaths
  • If emotion arises, let it come out
  • Bonus: focus not merely on the love that you have for one another, but expand your awareness to relate it to how the love you share for one another helps the planet.
  • give thanks


  • At this point the bodymind will be open and each participant will be better able to feel their emotions and allow their heart to expand.

Step 6: Celebrating – Dance

  • Dance – either together or apart
  • Celebrate your love…celebrate all love… give thanks


  • No explanation is needed, just dance.


  • this is a powerful meditation process that is most effective when done daily for the course of several weeks.
  • There will be residual effects with daily practice as the subconscious continues to release and open.

For full explanations and guidance on these sessions, contact me for a session.

This is one meditation I offer, this one focuses on connection and clearing, other sessions focus on pre-sex opening, and deep meditation.

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