Why Breathwork Will Revolutionize Medicine

We are in the tidal flow of a new earth. In this age we are seeing the rapid cycles of old systems decaying, and the new order arising. The realm of wellness and medicine will see a great turn in this century. What we are witnessing:

  • Moving beyond the dualistic split that treats mind and body as separate
  • Including a wider variety of integrative and functional medicine practices
  • The empowerment of individuals to heal themselves
  • Expanding the view of health to be holistic, taking the whole
    human into account, from their connection to community and the health of their spirituality as central factors in their well-being

Breathwork lends itself to the service of shifting the paradigm. The field of breathwork is relatively new, though breath sciences have been around for thousands of years, the emergence of the modern breathwork movement began building momentum in the 1970’s. It is currently seeing a surge in popularity, especially Wim Hof Breathing techniques, and the numerous styles of Conscious Connected Breathwork (CCB). Though there are many other breathing practices, I will focus this article on CCB.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is an umbrella term for a number of different breathwork schools that focus on a circular breathing rhythm that connects the inhalation to exhalation without pause. Typical sessions last around an hour, some CCB styles employ hands on facilitation, others do not.

CCB is a powerful self healing method that holistically brings balance to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual domains of the individual. For example, breathwork balances the two main branches of the nervous system, it clears the mind, releases unprocessed emotion and trauma, and can even be used to access out of body, altered, and mystical states of consciousness. This remarkable technique for accessing deep healing and profound shifts in consciousness will revolutionize people’s perceptions of what is possible.

The current systems of medicine are slowly being overturned, but it takes a certain tidal force to shift a paradigm. There are many who have offered great service to seed the revolution in the way we treat and understand health, the emergence of breathwork is going to be a powerful force.

Why will breathwork help to shift the paradigm?

Because the old ways of thinking of ingrained into the majority of people’s belief structures. Simply telling them that mind and body are one is not enough, simply telling an individual they have the power to heal themselves only goes so far, simply talking about spirituality is not enough. People need an actual felt-sense experience. Breathwork offers just that. You can be a devote atheist, and suddenly as you begin to practice CCB you may start having unexplained mystical experiences. These experiences will not be the result of an external substance or someone imposed upon you, they will be the result of you and your breathing. Or perhaps an individual will not have a mystical experience, but rather they will experience releasing a deeply held belief or emotion, and find themselves empowered in the process. When an individual comes to realize they have the most powerful tool available to them, and it’s been right under their nose their whole life, their mind will shift its understanding of what is possible.

Because spiritual experiences and profound states are easily accessible for all who try breathwork under good guidance, it will cause a rapid shift in the models we use to discuss health and healing. You can’t practice breathwork for long without needing to upgrade your understanding the human bioelectrical field of energy. And as an individual begins to encounter mystical domains of consciousness, they must them accommodate these new experiences into their understanding.

As a breathworker, I see first-hand the shifts that take place when an individual is connected with the spirit of the breath. For the evolved understanding I operate with is that the breath is beyond the air we breath, there is a more vital substance within the breath that gives life – which can be called life force or prana or spirit. This spirit of the breath, is your connection with the Great spirit, with God, and with your soul. Through the practice of CCB an individual learns to ‘work’ with the breath, which refers to the way an individual deeply listens to the intelligence of how the breath wants to breath. There is an intelligence that arises in the individual as they deeply tune into the flow of breath, which gives a sense of guidance…this guidance shows up during the session and leads to the profound healings, releases, and connections with higher forces. When an individual learns to re-connect with the spirit of the breath, it is akin to finding their soul, or the piece of themselves that is beyond the tangible mind and body.

My life is witness, as are those I work with, there is an internal guidance that arises when we learn to listen to the breath.

Breath medicine lends itself to a new way of being and understanding oneself. It encourages individuals to turn within and it gives them the tools to do so. Breath medicine raises the consciousness of an individual, it is the very nature of the technique. When one breaths with conscious awareness, they are in the present moment, they can rise above mind, and the structures of the current paradigm that is influencing their thinking. It allows individual to be more self-aware of their mental emotional state, and what is blocking them from moving forward, and making that shift. For this reason, breathwork leads to accelerated evolution.
As more and more individuals become acquainted with breathwork medicine, their will be a collective shift. Just as when one individual breaks a certain record or accomplishment, other have an increased capacity to do the same. There are many pioneering breathworkers moving the dial forward on what is possible, and then offering their practice to the wider community to offer guidance. Further, CCB is best offered in community, which will be a center piece of the massive healings that are going to happen when we put behind this current madness. It’s an honour to guide breathwork and be of service in this time.

Remember, the source of all of creation lies within you, you breath it in with every breath.

Thank you.

  • Zachary Koop


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