Truth, Beauty, and Goodness – On the restructuring of values for the new earth

Our world is in chaos.
The period of chaos is the opportunity for new ways to take root.
Take this: If you walk and move and breath in an ordinary way all week, and then you go dancing on the weekend. If you are free in your dance, you will move into chaos. You will break up the patterns of thinking and feeling, moving and breathing, and you will breath new life into your being.
The world is now in the chaotic dance of Shiva and annihilator.
There is now the opportunity for newness to arise and the breaking of old patterns.
An upwelling of new ideas, values, and Ways to live.

The idea of living by the values of truth, beauty, and goodness is not a new one.
But then again, some ponder that there is no such thing as new ideas, just endless cycles of knowing and forgetting.

The ideas of truth, beauty, and goodness are not foundational for our society.
The hard truths behind our current situation are not in the light. There is a veil, a smokescreen of information parading as truth.
When an individual, or a society (microcosm – macrocosm) chooses to live out of truth, they will naturally also veer away from truth and beauty.
It is evident.

The world has become ugly.

A smile is perhaps among the most beautiful sights, and what have we done?
This is no good. Much has been done which is not good for our children, for our economy, for our planet.
Note: I have not been specific in my analysis of what is not truth, it is not my role here to convince you of what is happening, there are many crusaders who operate in the sharing of that information and a collective of aware individuals with the respective knowledge. My intention is to offer some structure for your mind.

It is my understanding that change happens at the level of the individual, for we are the universe in ecstatic motion, breathing existence into being. I do not offer these words as a philosophy to believe in, or promote it as the only way. The lanterns of truth, beauty, and goodness are lights to guide you along to make good decisions. An encouragement to read these words with an openness, as one would read a story. If anything that has been said have value, then keep it, the rest can be tossed to the thresher.

Living by truth begins in one’s own being and body. Truth is a cloak of energy you wear that filters information coming in and out of your field of awareness. Truth is a choice, and it is not always an easy one. For if one has been living in lies, the lies tend to build up in the system in the shadows of consciousness. To commit to truth is to peer down into your dump and then do the work to sort through the shit. When truth be thy name, a radiant light appears in the eye, or more precisely, the vibration of truth is known in the being. When one is living in truth, lies become obvious at first sight. When one is living in lies, they are prone to deception, for they are deceiving themselves, and they are easy to deceive.
There is the knowing of truth, the speaking of truth, and the living of truth. The highest teaching is living in truth…. For then it no longer becomes a logical analysis of the mind, but an embodied presence. This is an individual journey, as much as a collective one, we are all tasked with the eternal dilemma of choice, to choose the right of wrong way. And it is a way, if you walk in truth, you walk into eternity to manifest a different reality then if you walk away from truth. In terms of the collective, too many individuals have walked from truth, and our outer world is the representation of this.
Truth takes consciousness. As mentioned, each moment we are tasked with a choice, if you are unconscious, you give up this basic freedom. If you are conscious, and you are orientated towards the arrow of truth, then you open the door to the great mystery. It is a mystery, for when one opens themselves to truth, they must content with eternity in a new way. When the eye of truth is thyn own, one will begin to know themselves more deeply, and when one begins to know themselves in this sacred light, they must be willing to see all that they are, and all that they have been, and all there is. Ordinarily consciousness is a veil, it is a reducing valve. We perceive but a slice of life…we know but a moment of our eternal being. When the veil lifts in truth, we must content with lifetimes of choices, mistakes, manifestations, and responsibility.
We are asked in this time to live in our highest truth. Truth leads to goodness and beauty.

Goodness comes from truth. It is a natural offspring. Truth, goodness, and beauty all lead to each other. Goodness is that which is good, it is so simple! If one is living in truth, it will be quite obvious what is good. Goodness can be contrasted with badness, or evil. And as this is an internal process, you get to determine what is good and pure, and what is sin and bad. It is a conscious process of sorting the wheat from the chaff. Each individual must take a look at every aspect of their body, being, and world and choose to give energy and attention to that which is good. The forces of goodness and evil are always at work, they are living pulsing streams of energy that inhabit forces and beings, and in these times of chaos and restructuring, these two forces are at will and work, and it is upon the individual to align with their path and call forth their destiny. The choices we make now are weighted, all of humanity, our eternal path, and the entire earth is listening for our choice.

Many moral systems and religions speak to morality, to truth, to goodness, to right and wrong, and it is important. Lesser spoken to is beauty, but no lesser is beauty than truth and goodness. If the beauty is actually real beauty, it is naturally good and truthful. I am not speaking of beauty in a limited, culturally appropriated dimension. I am speaking of the beauty that is contained with good action, the elderly smile of a wise woman, a sight of compassionate workers tending to the needs of the planet, the planting of vegetables, the sight of children learning and dancing. Religions have often become too much concerned with truth and morals, and have forgotten to teach a beautiful life. A beautiful religion is one which has a certain aesthetic, there is an attractive quality to it. Perhaps there will be dancing, singing, poetry, and the telling of wonderous stories. We will be telling the story of this generation to our children for generations to come. There is an invitation for us all to tell this story based on our experiences, and there is a choice to make it a beautiful story.

The principles of beauty, truth, and goodness are an effective tool for structuring choice. We make thousands of choices every day. The more one can learn to pause for their choices and assess if they align towards creating or maintaining truth, beauty, and goodness, the more one will forge their pathway in this good way. This is our sovereign power as co-creators in this universe. Our opportunity to lend our light is in part our capacity to live in our truth, beauty, and goodness. You will become more truthfull, beautiful, and goodness will flourish as you walk in this path. By you, I am referring to your individual body and being, but also your wider body and its connection with all beings.


  • Slow down in your decision making process
  • Choose health and wellness
  • Make art
  • Make love – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  • Be authentic
  • Seek, search, and live in a field of truth
  • Reflect on your day, sort through the wheat and chaff and learn to live better each moment
  • Connect with community
  • Connect with nature, the supreme teacher of ageless truth, beauty, and goodness

These qualities of beauty, truth and goodness are your nature. They do take cultivation and tending, each one will develop their own way…your way is your gift, it is your pathway to your potential, and it is the greatest gift you have to offer the world….your authentic being, living your truth, is the most beautiful incarnation of you that is available. One individual living in truth, beauty, and goodness becomes a mirror, for others to see themselves in this same light. This light is the dispeller of darkness, ugliness, and lies.

It’s time to clean up ourselves and our planet.

I thank you for being here in this historical time.
I thank you for being my mirror.
I thank you for your beauty.
I thank you for your truth.
I thank you for your goodness.

I’ll see you shortly, in a community gathering, with the children, with good food and dance, with fire, and all the elements. What a bright day it will be, I look forward to it, I hold it’s image in my mind. We are the people of love. Love inherently contains truth, beauty, and goodness. That is why you become beautiful in love, and when you fall in love your partner appears as the most beautiful person in the world. Others don’t see them as you do, love creates the alchemical transformation that makes everything beautiful. When one is living in love, truth is their name, goodness is their action, and it is beautiful.

Thank you for choosing love.

With love, Aya

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