Tantra for Males

This content discusses the gential region, please be mindful of that before you read.

Male premature ejaculation.
Let me share some words on the subject.

When a man contracts his gental region: genitals, perineum, and Anus…energy flows into it.

His capacity to contract this area depends on a mind body connection… or we could say, the nerves that innervate this region must be under his conscious control and have developed functional density. It’s like building a muscle, the more one learns to contract, neuroplastic changes take place offering more strength and control.

His capacity to contract enhances his capacity or potential to relax.

The nature of sexual pleasure is the sensation of contraction and release and the consequent chemicals created through this motion.

It should be noted here, that contract and relaxation creates the chemicals…sex or sexuality need not be in the equation….it is only a paired learning that we think this needs to take place.

But enhancing one’s ability to be hard or contract does not necessarily mean one can relax. The relaxation is not simply physical in nature. But emotional in nature. In that, one cannot dearmour their nervous system and fully relax if they don’t feel safe to surrender. Pleasure will be limited to the local region of the body it was created in…which is the genital region.

There will be blockages that prevent the sexual energy from moving through the body, because the individual is guarded.

For example, if sexual energy is able to reach the heart, it was cause an out pouring of emotion. If a man is blocked in his heart, his pleasure is limited.

Still higher the sexual energy can go till lifts into the brain. When the sexual energy reaches the brain all new chemicals are created changing the sensation from bodily pleasure to spiritual bliss. The vibratory rate of individual will also lift.

If a man wants to reach these heightened states of bliss, there are several things to be aware of and practice.

As I have mentioned, he must be able to contract and relax his genital region well. But that is merely where the creative energy is channeled and pumped from… it must make it up the spinal cord to reach the higher centers of activation.

Thus, subtle energy work with the spine is necessary.

In order to work with the spine one should be aware of the chakra system and kundalini, or another system that speaks to the energetic lifting of spinal energy.

A man may deepen into bliss by connecting with a women who he fully loves and accepts unconditionally. These connections will then take place in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual domains. This level of connection allows them to connect on gross to subtle levels … then the dissolving into each other can take place.

The polarity of partners (females being often stronger in negative energy, and males in positive) makes like an energy charger.

In order to reach higher spiritual love and connection there is a certain level of mastery over the evolutionary drive to ejaculated that must be mastered. Orgasm and ejaculation are not tied. A man may orgasm without any need to ejaculated. And by overcoming this basic instinct he empowers himself be ridding himself of that conditioning and freeing up energy in his system.

A man will only be able to fully feel pleasure if he has cleansed his conditoning. Years of repression in his family line, and a lifetime of guilt and shame and religious and political programming. There is a level of inner work that must be cleared for him to fully sink into pleasure.

There is much more to say, and we haven’t even spoken to of the sexual energetic he must master during the sex act…

Cya later, this is just a beginning tease.

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