Shift your emotional intimacy

  1. Cultivate awareness with your emotions throughout the day… ex. Learning to mindfully sit with your emotional body without judgement or control and allowing any emotions to arise and meet them with love
  2. Have difficult conversations… you don’t neccesarily need to seek them out, but if they arise… create space for them… for example, when a difficult conversations arises speak to it, call it out… agree to create saftey that even though one partner may not like what they hear, or it may bring up difficult emotions, that both parties are doing it with love, for the betterment and healing of both… the more one can navigate difficult emotions and conversations, the more trust and saftey will be built and a capacity to trust that one can speak their truth and be heard and bad things won’t happen because of it… this work is deep, but it will alter every emotional encounter you have in life if you can do it in the saftey of your loving partnership

The following section is a list of practices you can try while seated a few feet apart from eachother:

  1. Eye gaze
  2. Make silly faces and sounds
  3. Dyad – there are several ways of organizing a dyad is an example, each partner gets 5-10 minutes to speak, the other witnesses or holds space (with loving awareness – no judgement- not reactive to what is being expressed), then they switch. A dyad can discuss….. sexual intimacy, relationship planning, relationship issues, mother and father relationships, etc ..
  4. Circulate breath energy… form a looping breath, starting in the genitals, breath it up the spine and breath it out, then the other breaths it in, draws it down to their genitals, then the other breath it up their genitals (note there are other energetic pathways, this is just one)
  5. Consciously connect your breath without pause, through mouth or nose with eye gazing.
  6. Take turns energy healing or placing a hand on or over the genitals, solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead, crown and allowing the other to breath into this area
  7. Both close your eyes, and create a shared imagine space between both of you at the level of the forehead… create a vision for your future and both visualize …build it together…do this often to keep it alive
  8. Work on non-verbal communication and telepathy…. both close eyes, one partner holds their awareness at a certain center of their body (heart, plexus, third eye etc), and the other is tasked with tuning into the field of awareness and guessing where… conversely, with one partner having eyes closed the other partner holds hands out and projects energy from their hands over a part of the body… heart, head, knee, gential… the partner with closed eyes is tasked with sensing where their partner is holding their hands
  9. Sit in silence
  10. Sing together
  11. Pick a topic …. mom, finances, sex, love
    Then say the topic word you have chosen and first thing that comes to mind ….it works most effectively to gather subconscious information if you speak a bit faster than you can consciously think …example…… mom…etc etc

If your resisting and trying to say the right thing or shy away from inappropriate things, let go off control!

  1. Back and forth exercise… one partner says I am thankful for (blank) …then switch …. gratitude is most effective if what you are saying is not simply mouth you progress the practice will have an oppoutunity to open up deeper layers of gratitude if you are willing and available to move into those states
  2. Speak to your relationship… the good, the bad, the ugly, the saintly … hold the space with love
  3. Say love, but prolong the last sound of vveeeeeeeeee, till your body vibrates then deep breath and repeat …Harmonize your cells to vibrate at the frequency of love
  4. Breath in 7 times, moving up the chakras, and 1 exhale… repeat together. (Make sure you are present in your pelvic floor and lifting the energy up -for proper technique, learn from myself or another teacher) …conversely, go to YouTube and listen to or chant seed sound syllables (lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, om) or kundalini healing mantra (ra, ma, da, sa, say, so, hum)
  5. Breath in 3 times, belly, heart,, head… hold breath while arching back with arms out, then double exhale release, relax, and curl in – like a seated cat cow. … roll eyes up and back ..tongue to roof of mouth (once again, to learn the proper technique, seek my guidance, or another breathwork and pranyam teacher)
  6. Find a tube that you can both put your mouths on… one person prolongs a gentle breath into the tube, while the other breaths in the others breath and fills their body, then reverse the process
  7. Prop yourself in a good way… perhaps on your knees with hands on the ground and press your forehead together, roll your eyes up, tongue to roof of mouth… long slow deep breathing, or fast breathing like breath of fire
  8. Mirror each others movement while coordinating with your breath to synconize your energy fields … or practice seated qigong in unison
  9. Throw an energy ball back and forth
  10. Practice facial expressions and embodying different energies and archetypes
  11. Release emotions together
  12. Laughter therapy together …try for 20 min or an hour then lie down … to learn techniques seek guidance
  13. Go back and forth…in our relationship I have felt (blank)..example….sad, lovely, depressed, less, great, etc

This exercise works bests if you don’t go into any story, but rather feel the emotion you have spoken forth, while the other holds space and honours it…there is no need to dive into what and why, if you can feel it and clear it with the breath – always hold the space with love for healing to happen

  1. In the relationship I have am cultivating…. joy, patience… laughter…

Back and forth

This works best if you embody it as you speak it and call it forth In the moment and increase its capacity to show up again

  1. I love you because… I love it when you…. (choose one, or create your own) etc repeat, fill your partner with your words of love, but more important, let them feel you… you can’t fake this kind of intimacy folks … if your not feeling it, get real and get to the bottom of it
  2. Role play, if today was our last day together …perhaps one partner has been called up by the aliens 😛 or they have a terminal disease … this is the final night… say all that you need to say, tell them all about what your relationship has meant….then…
  3. Make love to them with all the love your boundless heart has …

Then.. carry this energy into your every day life, because you never know if today could be the last day….

Blessings to all the lovers and the sacred flame of love they tend

With love,
Aya -ZK

For information on 1-on-1 sessions and coaching, and all my links to YouTube, podcasts, website, etc.

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