Shift your se×ual intimacy – part 2

Viewer discretion advised

  1. Sit together, and look into each others eyes while imagining all the things your going to do to the other partner, while pulsing and breathing into your genitals …the more you can imagine and feel and get into it, the better… then as things built, let it naturally act itself out … often better than you could have ever imagined
  2. When you self pleasure, have a level of love in your heart
  3. Play with your nipples throughout the day
  4. Wear a genital accessory, like a cocktail ring to stay present and bring more awareness to your se× organs for better mindbody control
  5. Sit on and massage your perineum with a tennis ball …works well in vehicle to stay grounded too
  6. Drink your partners urine (if they are healthy and have a clean diet)
  7. Spit in each others holes
  8. One partner lies down and tries to stay still and contain their arousal, while the other slithers over them, and moans in their ear
  9. Touch your partners body after warming your hands by rubbing them together, but only at the distance of the the little hairs that cover their body ..activating subtle sensation …works well if partners have a bush or gential hair
  10. Tie or gag your partner
  11. Roll your partners balls in your palm
  12. Stretch out your sac and breath into the fascia
  13. Have your partner hang weights on your member
  14. Tap the area right above the se× organ
  15. Stimulate the piriformis muscle
  16. Practice tongue exercises
  17. Motor boat your partners cleavage and cracks
  18. Suck your partners flesh
  19. Slowly and with love apply pressure or pain …being mindful to go slow, and work with the tolerance of your partner
  20. Take turns slapping each other
  21. Make love under layers and layers of blankets
  22. Make love with a turbin on to activate crown
  23. Practice moaning deep and meduim and high tone to open of bodymind
  24. Sweep up and down the body to organize energy channels
  25. Learn to utilize the thrusting channel (qigong)
  26. Stick your finger in your partners mouth and explore, and/or pull their lip
  27. Utilize circular movement to swirl energy
  28. Swirl your hand around partners members
  29. Flick the tip
  30. When partner (male is hard) pull his member down hold it there for a few moments then let it fling up and hit his stomache
  31. When partner (male is hard) stroke his member away (base to tip) while he times his breathing with the sensation… then work it in reverse to gain better control of sexual energy
  32. When orgasmic energy is high, inhale, hold breath squeeze entire body… or circulate up spine… option to do headstone to bring orgasm energy to brain for full body orgasm
  33. Video tape your se×
  34. Self pleasure yourself while your partner shows off their body
  35. Dance for your partner
  36. Sing for your partner
  37. Clean naked for your partner
  38. Make dinner naked for your partner
  39. Spend the day being naked
  40. If one partner has a sensitive area and their body, help them to integrate and accept it by holding it with your hands and allowing them to breath into it and holding the space with love -if both partners are willing, of course
  41. While penetrating put pressure on or around perineum or anus
  42. Circle the anus and get them to flex it to engorged it with blood and activate the hormones and glands near and around
  43. Then use your tongue
  44. Tongue can go anywhere, even a gentle licking of the eye… when we are aroused the saliva can create endorphins which can be absorbed and offered
  45. Get into your favorite yoga asanas, then allow your partner to massage you, stimulate your meridians, your stimulate your pleasure parts
  46. Have one partner gentle and quickly punch the buttocks for several minutes or both partners bounce of their bottoms to activate muladhara
  47. Practice energetics locks (breathwork)
  48. Breath your partner in as you kiss
  49. Circulate breath by breathing it through your body exhaling it then other partner inhales in.. bring it through sex centers
  50. Kiss upper lip, lower lip, peck, smooth, suck, bite, suckle, graze, tease, press, push
  51. Quickly kiss 33 times
  52. Kiss with eyes open

With love,
Aya -ZK

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