Shift your se×ual intimacy

  • viewer discretion is advised
  1. Be conscious … meaning go slower than your use to at times… pause… feel… increase pace… find your normal patterns, pause, choose, become more aware
  2. Utilize emotion, mental, physical, and spiritual intimacy

Example. Emotional – sing together, share feelings, lie heart to heart

Mental – talk se×ual, talk about your connection

Physical – tend to your partners body, explore their body with fingers, toes, tongue

Spiritual – meditate on love together, pray, learn tantra or sexual kung fu

  1. Use tools – feather, rope, dildo, chains, musical instruments, butt plugs, etc
  2. Don’t finish with ejaculation (learn to be multi-orgasmic without ejaculation)
  3. Pause when se×ual energy is flowing, tense pelvic floor, se×ual organ, and rectum and anus and draw the energy to heart or head or circulate it around the body
  4. Be intimate outside
  5. Touch and tease to the exclusion of one se×ual element ( for example, start to touch and tease the body while coming close to kissing without kissing until your body throbs and pulses for it)
  6. Take turns teasing the other
  7. Communicate your desires and fantasies
  8. Eye gaze
  9. Communicate your fears around se×
  10. Communicate past sexual experiences
  11. Communicate how you like to be touched
  12. Pay attention to patterns (do you give and receive equally, do you act habitually?)
  13. Embody your se×ual God or goddess nature
  14. Lick and suck – eye, anus, toes, fingers, in the ear
  15. Learn your partners love langauge
  16. Begin se× days or weeks before… start the foreplay and build up then.. talk about it.. cultivate it in your body… cultivate your mind with loving thoughts… mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual build up and intimacy before the act
  17. Don’t let se×uality end when the sexual act ends
  18. Breathworking, before, during, and after
  19. Learn orgasm breath (book a session with me and learn more breath forms)
  20. Massage the spine
  21. Work with pain… slap, nipple twist, scratching, biting, etc
  22. Work with the energy channels meridians, and open the body before circulating se×ual energy
  23. Dance and stretch before making love
  24. Write poetry
  25. Synch breaths
  26. Make love while eye gazing
  27. Stay connected with your heart and their heart -in one expanded field of awareness
  28. Master your se×ual practice so you can offer more and know what you want and like
  29. Play with their hair
  30. Invite in space for humor and playfulness
  31. Explore new positions, both in the body, and in the world
  32. Work with compression bands and blood flow restrictions
  33. Practice reading each others non-verbal communication
  34. Practicing levels of touch skin, muscle, bone, and doing energy work on subtle energy
  35. Chant a mantra and or scream it…while having se× to open throat channels
  36. Have se× with the light on… or in the dark
  37. Do martial arts before se× together
  38. Or dance in synchronization
  39. One partner becomes still the other does all the moving and thrusting …then switch
  40. Become animals
  41. Surprise your partner by breaking your pattern of moving and breathing to evoke new energy
  42. Pause… meditate and pulse your se×ual organs
  43. For men …practice inhaling and squeezing se× centers, then relaxing…. slapp your balls… twirl your member.. pull your member and stretch the fascia
  44. Myosacial on the genitals and anus
  45. Use ice cubes
  46. Use incense
  47. Spread your toes and fingers then squeeze them and repeat to open energy channels
  48. Shake before or during the act
  49. Primal scream
  50. Tell your partner you love them over and over or I thank you
  51. Chant aummm or say loveeeeeeee and intoned the vvvvvvvvvveeeee at the end of love to your entire being vibrates in love

With love,
Aya -ZK

For information on 1-on-1 sessions and coaching, and all my links to YouTube, podcasts, website, etc.

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