Shift your day into success

  1. Treat your first hour of the day as sacred… it determines how the day flows.

My key principles for an effective morning routine
A) gratitude, love, and connect with vision
B) breath, move, meditate
C) Create

Routines can be done in a short period .. 20 minute rituals… but, it depends what your life is about. The standard i set for myself is to aim for 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the evening… which brings me to number 2

  1. Evening routine … morning and evening are the most powerful times to prime the subconscious…the subconscious determines your reality.

Evening routine principles are simular, though the exercises you choose will be different … and, you may want to non judgmentally reflect on your day

  1. Do what you love … I can’t encourage this one enough… in the beginning you may only have time to download what you love for a short period… but eventually if you do what you love enough you can figure out a way to make a life out of it.

I’m constantly finding new things I love and adding them to what I do

  1. Master your mind and body

The easier path to mastering the mind is through the body, as opposed to trying to master the mind with the body. In truth, mind is body.

Body is easier to control… to bring into routine.. to harmonize

Have an intelligent movement routine that includes breathing and moving and meditating

  1. Always direct your focus-where your mind flows, energy goes…. I program my thoughts … when I don’t need to think I focus on my breath or a mantra… when I do need to think, I focus only on what I am calling in and cultivating 
  2. Live a high vibe lifestyle

-be barefoot on the earth, playing in the water, or hiking if you can

  • run, swim, cycle
  • see people, make love to people, make memories with people, be intimate and vulnerable with people, help people, laugh with people…make people a focus of your life
    -pray, sing, dance
  1. Eat a high vibrational diet

Don’t eat too much, be precise with your nutrition based on your needs

  1. Be in community or a group that encourages you or holds you accountable – we grow strong together

We heal together

We are one

  1. Mini- exercise routines through the day … I am always going to the washroom and doing jumping jacks… or running around my block, or taking multiple cold showers, or popping into yoga poses while waiting for traffic …. keep the energy flowing
  2. Raise your standards … raise the standard of cleanliness you live by, raise the standard you have for your body, and your behaviour …
  3. Connect with mother nature .. she is a part of you with a vast intelligence … to grow and evolve without her is not wise
  4. Connect with your soul or spirit.. . Your soul or spirit is your highest self.. it is the bridge between you and God so to speak. When you are connected to your soul you are in good alignment.
  5. Drink more water!
  6. Practice holding a smile and smiling at your organs
  7. Shake throughout the day so you don’t build up tensions … be aware where you build up tensions and work on them!
  8. Make every situation a learning situation and every moment will have value and meaning
  9. Be AWARE … even if you are sitting you can make your perception more aware by noticing things around you .. get curious…. curiosity and awareness awaken the system to take in more information
  10. Have a healthy information diet …. some of the nutrition food categories I consume in my info diet ….
    A)spiritual info B) exercise and wellness C) wealth creation D) cultural – foreign and domestic
  11. Practice balance
  12. Prioritize proper rest… that means good sleeps.. and perhaps laying don’t during the day for brief periods

With love,
Aya -ZK

For information on 1-on-1 sessions and coaching, and all my links to YouTube, podcasts, website, etc.

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