Shift your Yoga

  1. Practice with structure example.. beginning intention …presence…mantra ..breatwork… start slow…find peak… integration…cool down.. rest… breathwork… meditation

2.. never stop practicing on and off the mat

  1. Breath into your body
  2. Breath option… breath in squeeze or contract muscle groups, exhale relax
  3. Breath option… breath as you pull energy like a riplle from the feet through spine up into head, exhale relax let the energy drain down
  4. Practice for the better of all beings
  5. Utilize facial expression and eye movement …tunnel vision for focus and peripheral vision for relaxation
  6. Always always rest totally after practice
  7. Practice with different body systems … muscles, bones…energetically
  8. Practice fasted or with minimal food in body system for best results
  9. Alkalize the body.. perhaps with raw apple cidar vinager or urine
  10. Practice new ways ….but to best learn a method.. stick with it for a period till you understand its uniqueness on a cellular level
  11. Embody the teachings of yoga beyond the physical practice
  12. Don’t simply practice asana… ethical behaviour, breathwork, sense withdrawal, meditation, trance etc
  13. Learn from masters
  14. Practice mantra… to invoke, to pray, to heal
  15. Practice the 3 primary breathing bandhas
  16. Foot lock and hand lock bandhas too
  17. Get familiar with your internal energy… pelvis floor, organ spaces and chi
  18. Always continue to develop greater discipline
  19. Read ancient texts
  20. Sanskrit cultures the nervous system… sanskrit mantras are powerful technologies
  21. Your practice is not be compared with others
  22. Gain an innerstanding of your chakras beyond intellectual knowledge
  23. Learn tantric sexual cultivation
  24. Yoga is about union, all other aims are inferior
  25. Be total when you practice
  26. Encourage others
  27. Have faith
  28. Practice with love

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