Do you ever find yourself bored?
Here is a list of things you can do almost anywhere.

  1. Practice breathing full and deep
  2. Count 1 – 10 … over and over… it will focus your mind
  3. Track the sense through your body for tensions .. when you find them, move, shake, massage or dance them out
  4. Take your tongue and move it around your move and gather saliva … we can cultivate our saliva – the saliva actually contains many endogenous opioids…which is why it feels so good to kiss
  5. Self-pleasure – you can do this almost anywhere 🤣
    I have some great stories with this one.
  6. Visualize your dreams and what your going to do with the gift of life
  7. Tone… or work on vocal cords.
  8. Practice self love
  9. Send a message to someone you love… either through Astral dimensions or social media
  10. Determine something that is not serving you and quit it
  11. Make a list of values you cherish… example … discipline…then go and embody that value
  12. Just sit and be …
  13. Just sit and become aware…. see how many things you can become aware of while sitting .. with your senses…with your mind… how far can you stretch your consciousness?
  14. Enter a trance… okay, you may have to learn this one first, but come hang out and we can learn together
  15. Play with your hair … or touch your bald head ..both are beneficial
  16. Reflect on your life and accomplishments … or sit with a loving awareness and reflect on your regrets
  17. Twirl your thumbs ….drawing circles with the body helps to cutluvate awareness and balance in the system
  18. Look at your left brain then your right brain then back and fourth back and fourth
  19. Run your hands … then puts your palms toward eachother and feel the energy in between by moving them close and further away
  20. Make an energy ball and visualize
  21. Think of 5 impossible things
  22. Rub your belly ..
  23. Alternate nostril breathing -i do this exercise 3- 4 times a day it’s par excellence
  24. Gratitude gratitude and more gratitude… you can never do this one enough
  25. The mind ordinary moves in fairly straight patterns if one is living a routine life… practice non-linear thinking… think adventurous… think about obscurity… think about your fantasies… think about something no one has done before
  26. Make lists 😛
  27. Create art… even if it is just a arranging a few rocks that someone else may see… bless it with love, and carry on you beautiful being
  28. Remember who you were born you were born
  29. Ask yourself … with sincerity … who am I? Don’t seek to anwser it… continually sit in a state of inquiry… who am I?
  30. Dissolve your whole body with the exhale…
  31. Close your eyes… and become empty space
  32. Look at something with devotion
  33. Say all the people you knows name and think of the first feeling you have when you think of them
  34. Chant aummmmmmm
  35. Focus on your heart and what your feeling.. and expand those feelings.
  36. Focus on the love in your heart, and expand that love to fill the space your in and engulf anyone near you -project love like a care bear beam
  37. Say your name over and over and over to cultivate radical awareness
  38. Go on a voyage, by tracking your parents… and then your grandparents.. and see how far back you can imagine living and imagine what their lives were like… then imagine what your children’s children’s lives will be like
  39. Pray for 7 generations back and 7 generations forward
  40. Offer something to the earth
  41. Connect with your breath… and consider that you need each breath to survive.. connect with the preciousness of the moment
  42. Pulse your anus, pelvic floor, and sex organ
  43. Pump your navel in and out
  44. Tap your chest
  45. Visulize complex visual patterns and shapes
  46. Imagine a white, violet, or golden light moving up and down your spine as your breath
  47. Focus on the area and energy 16 inches above your head
  48. Close your eyes and imagine fire
  49. Visualize your fully enlightened self
  50. Surrender

With love,
Aya -ZK

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