Shift your Health

Up level your health with these tips

  • Note: not every health practice is appropriate for everyone… choosing what health decisions are best for you come down to a deep listening and self-knowing.

Enjoy, peace and love.

  1. Choose to be healthy. Literally, pause before making a decision…And say out loud, or internally affirm, I will make the healthy choice. Or, a more powerful way to make decisions is to pause, and affirm and set the intention to make the most loving decision. The most loving decisions is important, because when we affirm, we are speaking to our subconscious. And, when we make decisions with love, we make decisions that are best for us and other people….contrast this with making health decisions to be rich, or more attractive, or to be the best. It’s not that those cannot be part of the decisions, but if one is too caught up into trying to be the best, they will often make decisions that aren’t truly loving to themselves…and further, being caught up in a goal such as being the best leads one to a path of doing things for the self. Instead, if decisions are anchored in love, it means they are best not only for you, but for all beings. Thus, when we learn to source our decision making to consider not merely what is best for ourselves, and our health, and our goals, but what is also the most loving decisions, we activate and connect with a higher awareness and power.
  2. Smile ….everyone says that… but, I encourage you to practice the Inner Smile Technique by Mantak Chia. Inner smile is a meditation technique which you learn to smile at your organs and promote healing and joy in the body.
  3. Laugh more! …once again, it’s easy to say. … cultivate your capacity to laugh more by trying laughter yoga (just youtube it for practices, or come do a session with me)
  4. Have more sex – This one has sssssssooooo many benefits. Sexual energy is life force energy…it can charge up anything you are working on, from your work outs, your creative projects, to your relationships… Can’t have more sex at this time? Learn tantric self-pleasure practices and cultivate yourself into the full potential of what you can be as a lover. I speak as someone who took 2 years of celibacy in his prime mid twenties to learn tantric practices, and it was one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made. To know something (and oh how did I know it, and did enjoy it), then to give it up voluntarily, then to come back to it allows one to truly understanding the meaning of a thing. And sex has the power to enliven one’s entire being and evolve them.
  5. Drink more water
  6. Consider, and monitor your pH balance
  7. Raw apple cider vinegar
  8. Tap your whole body, massage your whole body….by breathing into and massaging hormone and gland centers you activate them…and by massaging you encourage lymph flow
  9. Always be total… either in moving or in stillness. Thus, if you are active during the day and working, keep the energy flowing…. With walks, jumping jacks, sets of push ups, small yoga routines…. Keep life flowing through your veins… until you need rest, then learn to rest totally.
  10. Meditate – meditation is medicine for the mind …and the mind is the body
  11. Understand health to be holistic aka physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual … the healthiest life you can have will nourish all these aspects of you
  12. Visualize…. Take the time to focus your energy on what you WANT …what is your ideal picture of health? Some people are legends who turn themselves into giant balls of muscle, other prefer to have soft and flexible yoga bodies… what do you want?
  13. Holistic health includes community ! …. You are a mulit-dimensional being…on one level of analysis you are an individual, on another level analysis your unit on consciousness is part of the body of community….being a healthy and active part in a community allows you to grow your consciousness and be more connected to the larger aspects of you and the grander context of your life…which builds meanings, and purpose, and life force energy… and health!

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