Here’s how breathwork and the movement practices I teach can change your life and transform you.

  1. Your root/abundance/tribe/connection to earth
  • your capacity to feel safe, to be grounded, present in your body … especially in connection with your legs has to do with your breath energy expanding into your low belly/perineum/base of spine. This region contains your root chakra, coccygeal body (gland), adrenal glands, and other subtle systems that effect your stress, your level of ease, and the calmness of your mind. Because our perception is a reflection of our internal state, when one has a powerful tool to remain grounded in their body, in saftey, with a capacity to clear any blocked emotion and fear, then they can self-regulate through challenges.
  1. Your sacral center, which is related to your emotional expression, creativity, and sexuality.

Your sacral chakra is associated with your sacral nerve plexus, your sex organs, and your hips. When sexual energy is flowing properly through the system, you become charged with creativity and drive. When one learns to open up their hips and breath into this region, there is an increased capacity to release emotions through expression.

  1. Your solar center, which is related to your diet and exercise, your self-esteem, and your will.

When one has chronic gut issues and self-worth troubles, their gut will often tighten and become inflamed. When the solar center is off, individuals often see signs of gut inflammation, poor dietary patterns and control, and a lack of motivation for fitness. The systems of breathing and moving i teach help individuals to deepen their breathing into their solar plexus, which can bring to light the cause of their issues, perhaps their self-esteem issues. Or, many individuals have a disconnect from mind and body, this causes the intuition and intelligence of the body to be out of sync and causes an individual to not know what to eat. When the solar center becomes more conscious, individuals gain an intuitive intelligence of what the body requires for nourishment and exercises. And because breathwork works on the deep psyche, it is possible to rewire subconscious patterns of worth and relating to self in short order.

  1. The heart center/forgiveness/love/purpose.

The electromagnetic field generator of the heart broadcast our emotional states and helps to integrate the wisdom of the heart with the body and mind. Breathwork helps us to tune into the heart intelligence and allow it to guide actions and intentions and spread our feelings to others. Breathwork as a technique for release can clear deep traumas, help us forgive, and to expand our heart.

  1. The throat center/communication/expression

Do you ever feel that you hold your tongue? Many individuals work jobs or have developed patterns in their life of not speaking their truth, not expressing their emotions, or communicating their needs and desires. Being supported in breathwork allows one to be heard and seen, and allows an individual to fully express their emotions in a powerful way that it clears them from the system, creating a clarity and free flow of communication to arise naturally – so long as one is committed to speaking their truth.

So then, the teachings of breath have depth, to which I have only touched upon. They address mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual content.

The profound nature of the breathwork and movement practices i teach is deep, because it works on the subconscious and is capable of guiding conscious evolution.

There are several bold claims weaved into this writing, and I speak them with confidence because they have taken place in me and those I work with. I have not tried to prove these points through science. They are simply what is possible. What arises in a breath session is medicine from your own breath that will address what is most relevant to your current process. If you stick with the technique, eventually all areas and more will be addressed. The proof is in the practice. What is possible depends on what alchemy in you, and what your ready to release and invite into your life.

What are you looking to heal/feel/improve?
-spiritual practice, yoga, meditation
-release emotions
-find clarity
-find creativity
-access altered states of consciousness

The medicine is in you. I’m just a humble guide on the way.

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With love,
Aya -ZK

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