The Heart of Duality – Taking a leap in life – Surrendering to the breath

In the heart of duality lies a sacred relationship between opposites.
I call it the heart of duality, because it is through love that we transcend the duality.

“To truly integrate the understanding of duality is to love both polarities as one”

Meaning: life is a series choices, each is a fork in the road – both paths create separate timelines and realities – at one level of being in the world, one’s preference is always for the easy road, the warm road, the road to riches, and the good path. However, in one’s resistance to the hard road, the cold road, the path of poverty, and the dark path, they create duality. This fundamental preference for one state and a resistance to another is a psychological knot that prevents higher states of consciousness.

So then, when one is willing to open themselves to life, in all her fullness, and meet her with love…then doors one thought could never open, do indeed open… for new paths and patterns through this maze of life begin to reveal themselves only when we surrender to duality.

I’ve recently made leap forward. – Leap is appropriate here because it was not a step, it was multiple steps at once.
I’ve set my standards to be a millionaire and to work with healers from around the world, and create the highest quality and standards of breathwork, movement, and medicine ceremony. I have let go of my stability, and made a commitment to walk this way, with love and trust.

What I’m essentially asking of myself is that I’m willing to live a higher standard. I have chosen this way because of good guidance, love, and a deep knowing that I have to do this, though it will take everything I have – a worthy offering for the gift of life.
In this task, I am required to surrender to poverty, to fear, to insecurity, to missing out, to grasping, to making cosmic mistakes with repercussions…and on the list goes.

The last time I made a leap I had to stop eating to keep up with the bills, at times I would be driving 20+ hours a week to find clients, and the list goes on… that was child’s play. This is a dive into the cosmic ocean.

I walk this way because it is my understanding that the highest potential I have will be found through the mastering of the archetype of the magician and healer, teacher, and poet. I have been called to work with the most powerful medicines and healers because it is a world I love.

There is a weight that I have assumed since making my leap. My bones feel heavy as higher levels of light pour down. Which is much appreciated because when insecurity hits, the legs, stability, and the root system is the first to go. There is a responsibility and slowness that is required to cultivate enough mindfulness and awareness.

For when one assumes a new standard, all their choices must then be weighed to their new ideal, this consumes a large quantity of energy and awareness.

The higher one’s consciousness is, the more one’s individual decisions must benefit the collective.

When one takes a leap, they must be willing to surrender to that which they resist, for there is wisdom there, and often we must make the hero’s journey down into the depths of our own underworld to purify, purify, purify.

Every thought, word, and deed is assessed by one’s own internal judge and measured to the new standard. This requires a level of sophistication and control. The higher standard must be ingrained in the patterns of the system for a prolonged period for them to become habit.

This time is a trial.

The trail for me, to keep my heart open, my eye fixed on my dream and purpose, and my body strong and yet full of surrender. It is a prayer I hold in my heart for the all – to be uplifted by love, to banish fear, and follow your highest prayer for all beings.

In the next two months I will be leading retreats, offering ceremony, sitting in ceremony, and taking part in multiple sweats, a 4-day dry fast vision quest, and other practices that will purify and prepare my mind and body for the new vibrational standard I have set.

It is my great honour to hold this world and all beings in my heart, though it is a heavy task at times, I would see it no other way. My soul is clear, and I choose to follow the highest path I know.
By the end of this venture, I will be operating from a new center of being, and thus, this will be good-bye. But, then again, we are always saying hello, and good-bye.

This is the breath, this is life, a coming into existence and surrendering out. This basic duality is the love of the great spirit. Through loving the birth and accepting the death we transcend and know eternal life. This is the cosmic reality of every breath. The earthly reality is that we are always breathing in new opportunities to love and choose a new path, and we are always presented with the capacity to surrender to the existence we are given. In the breath, and in the duality, we learn the two fundamental teachings, effort and surrender. When these are mastered through the heart of love, then anything becomes possible.

I have dreamed a dream so marvelous that it makes me bow down with reverence and honour the earth and those who touch it. My prayer is to inspire others to live in this good way. Breathing in with direction and purpose, exhale with surrender and ease. My prayer is for all beings to know they are free. My prayer is for each person to know their soul, and see their spirit in all things. To know the song of world, the divine dance of the cosmos, and their sacred role as creator and care-taker.

Gracias. Danke. Grazie. Obrigado, Merci, Thank you.

I love you.

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