What to do, when you don’t know what to do

There are times when something must be done!
There are times when there is a way, but the way must be found.
Here is a list of things that can be done when you are looking to find clarity of mind/emotion/body.

  1. Breathe
  • The first and most fundamental decision one can make is to turn within and consciously connect with the breathing process.
  • The breathing process is related to the processing of content through the nervous system (mental, emotional, and sense data) – the more consciously we breath, the more resources our body has to process content, and the greater our capacity to be conscious of what is being processed.
  • When the natural processing of information has made its cycles through the system it will be integrated, felt, and the wisdom received – which offers guidance, clarity, and good decision making. Note: effective consciously connected breathing is one of the most effective ways to process information, and it is best learnt from a professional.
  • Good decision making comes when we are consciously connected to the various intelligences of the body. When I say various intelligences, I am making a commentary that every cell in your body gives and receives energy and intelligence (information), and specific areas of the body process and give access to varying amounts and different kinds of intelligence (example, the heart, the brain, and enteric or gut nervous system are major processing points). We only have access to these various intelligences when we are consciously connected to them, meaning we are conscious of them and are breathing awareness into them. Therefore, when one turns within and taps into the breathing process, they are connected with the larger intelligence of the system, which knows the way.
  1. Move
  • To most effectively tap into the internal wisdom of the body, movement is vital. But, it is not simply moving….people are moving all day, all the time. It is about intelligent movement. The intelligence of a movement or a movement practice depends on the consciousness of the individual. The more aware, connected, and integrated (between mind/body/emotion) an individual is, the greater intelligence of their movements.
  • To find out what movements are required depends upon a deep listening, or a tuning in to the body….then a conscious decision to shift one’s body and breath in many fashions to experiment with curiosity and then to find which is the right combination of movements to find harmony. It is a process of listening to the cellular intelligence, and allowing the movements to be guided from an internal allowing…it is a practice that develops into a second nature with regular recurrence.
  • Movements and their possible effects: Clearing energy, celebration, empowerment – Dance.

Stability, focus, control, devotion – Yoga.

Empowerment, drive, resilience – Martial Arts.

Self-healing, meditative, sensitivity – Qigong.

Relaxation, clarity of thought, creative thinking – Walking.

Linear processing, steadiness, absorption – Running.

Empowerment, protection, confidence – Weight lifting.

  1. Meditation
  • To meditate, is to become receptive…it is a deep listening.
  • Meditation is observation without analysis.
  • Pure witnessing.
  • When one becomes an effective observer they have a capacity to witness the mind/emotion/body, without getting caught in their processing flow…one then has access to observe the information from a different perspective
  • Meditation offers a sense of centering, and it requires we surrender to fully receive.
  1. Breath, move, meditate.
  • So then, we have 3 foundational practices which all help to turn the awareness within and help to process information (mental, emotional, and sense data), to tune into the wisdom of the body, and to fully surrender. These tools work best when practiced every day. They will offer a way through life of ease and direction, and it will be guided from the heart.
  • If your new to these practices or don’t feel your doing them effectively, I encourage you to reach out and learn these practices and receive their wisdom – your wisdom.

I offer 1-on-1 meditation, movement, and breathwork sessions that draw on wisdom from many cultures and traditions, and never have two sessions that are similar. Each visit is a deep dive into your subconscious mind which will help you process, integrate, and move forward with ease and grace.
I offer online and in-person.

Reach out today and let’s be connected.

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