Small choices to shift your mind

  1. When you walk through a doorway- affirm, breath consciously, or smile
  2. Check your bank account daily and then think of 3 things your grateful for
  3. If you are about to do something (eat, drink, work, drive, etc) and you want to experience it deeper… pause, take a breath, then dive in totally.
  4. Want to be more conscious? Try and keep an orientation to where the sun in the sky is, and the cardinal directions (N, S, E, W)
  5. Bless and/or give gratitude before drinking water or eating
  6. Hum during the day- humming produces nitric oxide in the nose which is a vasodilator (opens blood vessels) for the lungs
  7. When you wash, touch your whole body with love
  8. When you interact with others, set your intentions to consciously direct how you want to treat them.
  9. When conversing, practice being completely receptive when someone else is speaking- which involves focusing your awareness on them with such totality that your thinking stops
  10. When something seems out of order or you make a mistake, spin around or dance for a moment, then get curious as to what pathway has now become available
  11. Have a morning and evening routine that serves you and is attainable for your life
  12. When you speak, consider the emotional quality of your words – which is valuable self knowledge and can help us to be more gracious in conversation with others
  13. Appreciate earth, wind, water, and fire when you can
  14. Wiggle your toes and connect with the souls of your feet and breath low and slow to keep calm
  15. Make friends with yourself by practicing self love

Thank you for listening

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