journey beyond sanity – the tale of two lovers.

She was the jewel of all lovers. A single taste of her nectar could convince a man he need not breath to live, but her alone.

He was no ordinary man.

Even the universe itself could not have predicted this match.
Their meeting was a match, that would burn to flame.

He was surfing on 4 days without food or water.
She was an oasis.

His past patterns of control had done him well in the world.
But, love is not for the controlling.
Love is for the those who are willing to surrender.

Two lovers must become bamboo – to bend and never break.

She wore all the right things, and at times she wore nothing.
As free as the wind in the trees.

Her inner cosmos was glistening with glitter and ice.
He became lost in her garden.

He let her into his mind.
And everything changed.

Love rearranged right and wrong, and he began to see the world from a new way.
But, lovers can love deeply, and die tomorrow.
The stories we write are snowflakes falling from heaven.
When they land on the earth, their time is limited.

A fracture, and they both split.

She would go on sit with the wisest spirit of the forest.
He would journey to the desert, only to forget her name.

Sometimes we forget the most important things, only to remember them when the time is right.
Like our previous births and deaths. A little mystery goes a long way in eternity.
He would find other lovers.
His garden would grow rich with flowers from all across the land.
And every once in awhile the wind would whisper a song he had long forgotten.
He would feel a sadness that he could not name.

She would go on to grow a garden that kings and queens would come far to see.
They would offer her gold and frankincense.
But she would not give her garden away.
She lived in that garden. She danced and cried in the garden.
And every night she would die, only to be reborn in the morning.

Eternity passed and evolution acted in the ordinary way.

Then, beyond the knowing the seer, a fateful tear dropped from his eye and slipped right through the earth. This tear dropped through and through, and until it landed on the cheek of you know who.

She was dancing at the time, but with this single drop of peculiar rain, her dance ended and many of her flowers died.

In a moment he remembered the reason for which he was born…and he set sail to find the love that once was.
But, he was not met with ease and grace.
He travelled through kingdoms of fire and ice.
The trails he was tasks with took his riches, and he nearly gave up hope. He gave up everything he had, and he had to – for there are some places that you cannot go, until you surrender to love.

She heard from the wind that he was near.
It tore her apart to remember the love they had and lost.
She painted all her red roses black, and she buried her lotus flowers in the mud.

And she also gave birth to new life, and the oceans were never so rich and plentiful.
On the day they came to meet once again, a child was born.
It was not their child, but when true lovers meet, something beautiful is always created, in one world or another.

He had envisioned rising up to meet her, instead he fell to his knees.
She saw him, and with grace she let him into her garden.

As he walked closer, she noticed the lotus’s rose from the mud.

He thought, “what to say, when there is nothing to say?”
She wondered, “why has he come all this way to stand there in silence?”

The moment was peculiar, because love decided it to be that way – not all love is a fairy tale, there are parts which are ghastly and others that define bliss.

For all he had done in all the 3 world, he came across quite odd and awkward.
Despite her garden being so beautiful that kings would offer their greatest treasures, she felt she was not enough.
And in seeing this side of themselves they knew there was only one answer to be free.
To cast aside all judgement and let love by thy guide.
For they had achieved much in the world, and it proved to be nothing in the all-seeing eye of love.

They humbled themselves before one another, and spoke their lovers’ vows: I’m sorry, I ask for your forgiveness, I thank you, I love you.

After offering their life to love, they were surprised that they did not transcend.
Instead, they were cast into a normal human form.
They soon forgot about the infinite gardens and trails they had been through.
They forgot how to ride the wind, and how to create stars.
They worked the earth’s soil, and the days were long.
But, they never forgot love, and they were eternally grateful to have each other.

They lived a good long life, and had children that would come to grow great gardens.
Then they both became old and fragile.

Then one Sunday, when the sun was shining bright, she became ill.
Bed-ridden, he cared for her, but he too was becoming old.
They would lie in bed together, in pain and love.
They had few words to say, and she began to lose her voice.

One morning she did not wake up.
He awoke from a terrible dream, only to find an even more terrifying reality.
He cried and cried.
And eventually he died.

But, they had children, who now had children.
And those children began to remember something their parents forgot.
The children began to feel the sadness in the wind.
They began to remember the love that never dies.

And so this story can’t end so long as gardens grow and stars shine.
Love will always find a way.

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